Sam Bradford Haters and Lovers Unite! Sam May be the Lynch Pin in the Rams Greatest Draft Ever!

It's a good thing that Sam Bradford is the Rams QB! A very good thing. I don't have to convince the Sam Bradford fan club. But now Sam Bradford haters have a reason to rejoice that Sam the Man is our quarterback!

I will try to explain how and why Sam will help the Rams have the greatest draft ever. Les Snead and company can make NFL history in May, and all because Sam's a Ram! Snead is smiling like a cat with canary in it's mouth right about now. Lets find out why, but before we do let me review a few things first. OK?

Les Snead let it be known that the Rams #2 is for sale. Some of us (me included) thought it was unwise of Les to go on record saying such a thing. But then I thought Les must have a good reason to say #2 is for sale. After all Snead is smart.

The second variable in this discussion are Quarterback needy teams. Teams like Houston, Jacksonville, Oakland, Cleveland and Minnesota. 5 Quarterback needy teams within the first 8 picks of the Draft. Right.

Yet there are only 3 quarterback at this point, who are likely to go within the first 8 picks. There aren't enough quarterbacks to go around.

The Joker in the deck is Jadeveon Clowney. But wait! Defensive End is the Rams strength. Our double Aces. And Sam is our King!

Houston's owner says he loves Jadeveon Clowney. Why did the owner wax poetically over Clowney? Because he's blowing a smoke screen and he's afraid our Les Snead. And for good reason!

We can afford to ask for less than Houston! The infamous draft value chart makes Houston's pick 400 more points than ours. That's equivalent to a mid range second round pick! Let Houston be Macy's. We will be Walmart! That means we have more suitors than Houston. It takes Jacksonville #3 pick a total of 800 draft points to move up to Houston's pick. The other teams know the Rams won't draft a QB, and we are loaded at DE. They also know that Houston needs a QB and could draft Clowney. That works to our advantage. Here's how!

No matter what happens with Houston's pick, Les Snead can undercut Houston like Walmart undercut's Macy's. Houston knows it. Les Sneed knows it, and everybody drafting in the top 8 knows it. And deal Houston makes, Les can beat! Les Snead can afford to force Houston to use their #1 pick. Any team that would deal with Houston will deal with Les Snead. And Les Snead is smart enough to discount and undercut Houston on the FIRST trade back. And then for all intents and purposes the number #1 pick belongs to the Rams, and we don't need a QB or Clowney. We don't need no stinking badges!

The best case scenario for the Rams is for Houston to pick Teddy Bridgewater with their first pick. That leaves Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, and Minnesota lusting for Manziel and Bortles. Tampa Bay and Atlanta would love to pick Clowney. All six teams behind us want our pick.

By undercutting Houston Les Snead can control the next several picks. Houston will be forced to use their number 1 pick. I live down in Texas. Houston fans burn Matt Shaub's Jerseys. There are billboards in Houston begging the owner to draft Manziel. I hope Houston uses the choice on Bridgewater. Because Manzeil is more valuable to Cleveland and Jacksonville. Why? Manziel is the most exciting player in college football, and so Cleveland and Jacksonville will not only get a possible franchise QB, but they sell more tickets, and whomever drafts Manziel is sure to get a Monday or Thursday night game too. Would the average football fan be more likely watching a Thursday night game with Bridgewater or Manziel quarterbacking Jacksonville?

Given anything short of an RG3 treasure trove by Cleveland or Minnesota, the Rams should trade with Jacksonville. Less means more later. Now Cleveland is afraid Minnesota will jump over them for Bortles. And Atlanta and Tampa Bay want Clowne. Les wants to trade with Clevelands 4', because the Rams end up with the next pick again! More extra draft picks.

Next Les Snead pits Oakland, Atlanta, Minnesota in a Bidding war for pick 4. The best trading partner is- You guessed it Oakland! And if Oakland picked Bortles, how cool would that be? More extra picks.

Now the Rams have the 5th pick. Minnesota drops out of the Bidding. But Atlanta , Tampa Bay, and maybe a surprise team jumps into another bidding war to grab Clowney! Les takes the best deal, for more draft picks, and,

If Les wants to the Rams can select either Sammy Watkins, Robinson, Barr, Mack, or Mathews at 6. Or he can attempt to trade back again. But that another story, cliffhanger, or sequel. I think you get the general idea by now Ram Fans.

I admit the scenario above is a best case scenario. I know it's a long shot. What would you do if you were Snead? Would you play Walmart to Houstons Macy's? Would you attempt to trade back incrementally down the draft? Or would you satisfied after 1 trade?

I'm sure it's crossed Les Snead's mind. Can you imagine? NFL draft trade history! Lighting strikes twice, thrice! All Snead has to do is take less from Jacksonville on the first trade back to force Houston to use their pick.

Some of you might say the other teams involved would never let the Rams get away with such scenario! Greed and fear are the main motivating factors and emotions when it comes to the NFL draft. Not revenge or spite! Houston is the only team with an agenda to thwart the Rams. And the Rams hold the high cards. After the first two trades, a team like Oakland might be amazed at what Snead and the Rams just did, but that won't stop them from being afraid that Minnesota won't leap over them for a quarterback. After all that all Snead does. He trades

None of this would be possible without Sam Bradford. We can all love Sam!

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