St.Louis Rams offseason 2.0

This is my 2nd attempt sharing of what i think the rams should do this offseason, considering this one is 2 more months closer to the draft i feel it's way more realistic.Enjoy.

The Rams Free Agents

Rodger Saffold- Let him walk, I have never been a huge saffold supporter, i feel like he dosent have the heart, and he will demand to much money.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar - Resign him,He did great under Gregg Williams system, and him and williams have a great history, i feel like he is for sure a above average OLB.

Chris Williams- Resign him for depth purposes.

Kellen Clemens- Let him walk, he has my respect but we need a young prospect backup qb in case Bradford goes down.

Tim Barnes- he played well at center last year when he was in and could challenge Barrett Jones for the starting role.


Harvey Dahl-Cut, I love the guy but he's too expensive and to old.

Scott Wells-Cut, way too much money for an aging injury prone center.

Sam Bradford- Extend his Contract, Doing this shall give us alot more Dough to make some moves.

Cortland Finnegan-Restructure, I love Finnegan, and i think he is gonna tear it up this year from being so pissed about his last years injury problems and that horrible defensive scheme.

Free Agency

Alterraun Verner-He would take a big contract but we have the money now with this new cap rise, Verner Tore it up last year and would be a great addition. He is a great corner back that would fix are secondary depth problems, he has great history with williams and fisher and they both like verner alot. Dsc2397_medium


Kenny Britt-We would sign him to a cheap 1 year prove it type of deal, and what better team to go to then his old coach? fisher knows what kinda talent britt is and so do i. Hi-res-94286772-kenny-britt-of-the-tennessee-titans-carries-the-ball_crop_north_medium



TRADE!!We swap are 2 for Cleveland's number 4 and 26.

1st round.4.)(from cleveland)Greg Robinson- He is the most elite tackle to come out of the draft since jake long, are running game would be unstoppable if we took that monster. 022214-cfb-greg-robinson-2-pi-jn_medium


1st round.13.)Calvin Pryor- I love pryor, and i think he is the answer to are safety problem, In my opinion over time the safety duo of McDonald and Pryor would be better the seattle's thomas and chancellor. Pryor is a big time run stopping safety who can also help out great in pass coverage. 1229457_medium


1st round.26.)(from cleveland) David Yankey- We are in nedd of help at guard BAD. And that monster known as David Yankey would be the answer. he would make are O-line ever bigger and nastier, like robinson run blocking is his strong suit. 2013_david_yankey_54_medium


2nd round.44.)Gabe Jackson- We need an opposite guard of Yankey at this point So jackson would do well, he is another good run blocker but his pass blocking needs work, nothing ole Paul B couldnt fix. Gabe-jackson_medium


3rd round.75.)Tre Mason- He would be a great complementary back to stacy when he needs a break.Mason is a fast, mean, brusing back, i really like him alot, him and stacy would remind me of the MJD and Fred Taylor combo they had in Jax. Tremason_medium


4th round.106.)Zach Mettenberger- i really like what i see in this kid, he is a proto-type backup qb you could develop, he has what ittakes to be a starter one day, he has the strongest arm ive ever seen 182260507_medium


5th round.) Ahmad Dixon- Safety Baylor. we need depth at safety with really only mcdonald, mcleod,and pryor. Dixon would be great. from watching his film i have no idea why he isnt projected higher then a 4th-5th range. The guy is a hard hitting baller. 1030027_medium



So This would be are depth chart for the 14 season


QB: Bradford, Mettenberger

Rb: Stacy, Mason, Cunningham

Fb: Harkey

Wr: Givens, Britt, Austin, Bailey, Quick, Pettis

Te: Cook, Kendricks


Lg:Yankey, Williams

C:Jones, Barnes


Rt:Robinson, Barksdale


Le:Long, Hayes

Re:Quinn, Sims

Dt:Brockers, Langford, Cudjo, Conrath



ROLB:Dunbar, Armstrong


LCB:Jenkins,Verner, Mcgee

FS: Pryor, Dixon

SS: McDonald, Mcleod

Thats all i feel like doing tonight let me know what you guys think. Go rams

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