Zac Stacy 2013 player grade

We've been grading each individual Ram performance in 2013. Each position has five categories, graded on a score 1-10 for a potential total of 50. For running backs the categories are yards after contact, YPC, blocking, receiving, and vision.

Today we grade Zac Stacy.

Yds after Contact- (8) Stacy averages 2.4 yards after contact per carry. This is better than the average running back in the league. Another way to evaluate that statistic is to look at the percentage of his overall yards that come after contact. 63% of Zac Stacy total yards come after contact. He is 8th in the league in this stat and the only player (besides AP) that has over or almost 1000 yards rushing. He refuses to go down easy and can move the pile.

YPC- (5) Stacy averaged 3.9 yards/carry last season. You usually want to see your main ball carrier get this number above 4.0. In this case there are two contributing factors to this less than impressive stat and once they improve so will Stacy's numbers. 1) Average Run Blocking- there is certainly room for improvement here next season and 2) Lack of Passing Attack- this is what killed his chances of putting up huge numbers. Without a passing attach teams loaded the box and dared Clemens to throw. This score isn't what you want to see but his stats are average. As the team gets better this will improve as well.

Receiving- (3) Stacy didn't get very many receptions in comparison to other backs in the league, but he also wasn't very successful at turning those passes into big positive gains. He is in the bottom 25 percent in yds/rec and yac/rec and drops/attempt. This is a huge opportunity for improvement for him next season.

Blocking- (8) Stacy is a very good blocking running back. I love to see this because it indicates two things: knowing the game plan and blocking assignments and flat out effort. This category tells me more about who he is as an overall player and competitor than the others. I think he could replace SJax not only on the field but as a leader in the locker room as well.

Vision- (9) During the draft last year Todd Mcshay said Stacy had the best vision and patience in the draft and that was obvious on his first start. D Rich continually ran into blockers and the defense for a loss when he was our starter. When Stacy started he would wait for the hole and hit it hard. His patience also prevents him from getting happy feet in the backfield.

Total score 33/50 this score would be higher if the Rams had a more balanced offense and forced defenses to play honest. I fully anticipate this score to increase next season.

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