2014 Draft: Wide Receiver Analysis (PART 3)

With this segment, we look deep into the draft, scouting receivers who are projected to go in the later rounds that could prove to be above average specimens on the field. Let's take a look shall we?

Devin Street, Pitt

Though he was plagued by an ankle injury towards the end of last season, Street seems to have a lot of potential as far as late rounders go. Equipped with exceptional speed, a 6'3 frame, fluid control of his hips, and quick feet, this guy will grinds on every play and every down. Tough enough to bounce off hits and keep scrounging for yardage, Street can take a licking, but won't evade many tacklers after the catch. His lack of superstar speed could also be a factor in his lack of success, but in the end, as a fourth or fifth rounder, he wont make you regret taking him.

Brandon Coleman, Rutgers

At 6'6, Coleman is the tallest receiver in the entire draft. Which would be a good thing if he possessed skills to make him elite. Sadly enough, Coleman falls well short. He can occasionally break away from corners with his cuts, but more often than not, he relies on his size to do everything for him and as big as he is, Coleman is not a very physical player. Often times, he gets knocked off balance just running down the field and doesn't utilize his large frame. His lack of acceleration and straight-line speed will make it extremely difficult to excel in the NFL.

Michael Campanero, Wake Forest

Sometimes the best traits of WR's aren't the physical ones and that truth is evident in Campanero. He might not wow you with his speed, separation, or size, but he has a intelligent football mind. Always thinking ahead of his opponents and knowing exactly how to get as much yardage as possible on every play is what this guy excels at. Not to mention, his solid hands, adept tracking ability, and surprising strength, this wide out could very possibly make an impact on an NFL team.

L'Damian Washington, Mizzou

Washington is a troublesome case. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why he's projected to be taken in the 6th or 7th round. He posseses great size at 6'3, runs a 4.4 40, though teammates say he could run a 4.3 if he wanted, and combine that with his long legs and impressive control of his body, you got yourself one good looking receiver. His problems lie in his route running, and improvement on catching with his hands, but I'm sure NFL coaches can whip him into shape in no time.

Well that does it for this rendition of my wide receiver analysis. Thanks for the read and I'll to come up with something new to talk about in my next articles. If you guys have any suggestions just leave a comment below.

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