5 Round Post-Combine Mock Draft

Let me start this off by saying that this draft is so deep, that the Rams really can't go wrong unless they really screw something up. And i mean, really screw something up. Now, i do have my preferences, so let's hammer out another mock draft shall we?

#2 Overall Pick: Trade

The Houston Texans can't afford not to take a quarterback #1 overall, so i believe they'll go with Johnny Manziel to appease their frustrated fan base.

So here's the trade, The Falcons will be absolutely adoring Jadeveon Clowney by the time the combine rolls around, so they'll be desperate to trade up for him, causing them to overpay. The Falcons will deal their 1st rounder (#6 overall), 2nd rounder (#37 overall) and 1st rounder next year.

#6 Overall Pick: Greg Robinson - OT, Auburn

This pick will hinge on what Oakland does with #5 overall, and i believe that Oakland will not be able to pass on Sammy Watkins, which leaves the Rams with Greg Robinson. Jeff Fisher will absolutely love Greg Robinson, he's a monster of an offensive lineman who is an absolute mauler in the run game. This dude moves people and Zac Stacy would love running behind him.

#13 Overall Pick: Trade

The Rams cash in on another team's aggressiveness again; this time the Cowboys take the bait and jump over the Steelers and Bears, (two teams that need defensive tackles badly), to nab Aaron Donald. In return, the Rams get the #16 overall selection, as well as the Cowboys' 2nd rounder, (#47 overall), 3rd rounder, (#78 overall), and a 2nd rounder next year. JACKPOT

#16 Overall Pick: Calvin Pryor - S, Louisville

Again, this pick will hinge on Pittsburgh and Chicago, which i believe will go with Louis Nix III and Ha'Sean Clinton Dix, respectively. Which leaves the Rams with Pryor. Pryor is a big time, hard hitting, game changing safety. Sure, he'll take a personal foul here and there, but nobody's gonna be roaming over the middle of the field with him and T.J. McDonald lurking back there. He plays tough in run defense, has great ball skills, and has explosive closing speed. He also hits like a hammer. Bottom line: Pryor is an impact player that will contribute to the Rams immediately.

#37 Overall Pick: Ra'Shede Hageman - DT, Minnesota

Yes, i do think he will last this long. There will be 3 DT's taken in the 1st round, (Donald, Nix III, and Jernigan), and Hageman will fall right into the Rams lap. Hageman will officially make the Rams D-line the scariest in football, period. He's explosive off the ball, plays loose against the run, slipping off blocks. He's an effective pass rusher and he can dominate when he wants to. That's the only question, when he wants to. But i believe Fisher will get him to play his hardest this season and there should be no effort issues here.

#44 Overall Pick: Jordan Matthews - WR, Vanderbilt

The more i watch Matthews on tape, the more i love him. He's tough as nails, not afraid of anything, and he uses his big frame to go up and make tough catches. He does lack the top-end speed of guys like Sammy Watkins, but Matthews ran well enough at the combine to push himself into the high end of the 2nd round. He reminds me of Keenan Allen in that he is NFL ready, runs outstanding routes, does all the little things right, and knows how to find open space. Matthews should be good for a long time

#47 Overall Pick: David Yankey - OG, Stanford

With Rodger Saffold's status up in the air, the Rams need to address the situation at guard. Yankey will walk right in and fill an immediate hole. He's got good size, (6'5" 313 lbs.), and great hands. He was a run blocking specialist at Stanford and is surprisingly agile when pulling. He isn't the greatest pass protector, but his natural ability will be enough to get by. Also, was never penalized his junior year, something that always plagues the Rams.

#75 Overall Pick: Jimmy Garoppolo - QB, Eastern Illinois

I'm jumping on the Garoppolo bandwagon. This kid can make every throw on an NFL field. He's got a cannon for an arm and his decision making is pretty good. The only thing that bothers me is that he is often unsettled in the pocket. But he'll get a year or two to sit behind Bradford and learn the offense, and then take over when he's ready. So this should turn into a worthwhile pick for the Rams.

#78 Overall Pick: Carl Bradford - OLB, Arizona State

Bradford lacks ideal length for an outside linebacker, (6'1" 241 lbs.), but man is he ferocious against the run. He has outstanding instincts and blazing closing speed. His first step is rarely wrong and boy, can he hit. His coverage skills can be a bit shaky at times, to say the least, but he is absolute dynamite in run support. He can provide a physical presence that the Rams lacked at linebacker a year ago and will immediately step in and fill the void that will be presumably left by Jo-Lonn Dunbar.

#106 Overall Pick: Keith McGill - CB, Utah

Let the Richard Sherman comparisons begin. McGill is huge, first of all, (6'3" 211 lbs.), and he ran a surprisingly fast 40 yard dash, (4.47 seconds). He's long, and strong in coverage. McGill plays zone coverage well and has good ball skills. Knows how to use his height and shield receivers from the ball. He needs to learn how to be physical in press coverage, and if he does, this pick has steal written all over it.

#141 Overall Pick: Will Sutton - DT, Arizona

The Will Sutton bandwagon is just about empty now, after an extremely disappointing combine, and i really believe he will still be sitting on the board in the 5th round. Now, i do already have the Rams taking a defensive tackle earlier in this mock draft, but you can never have enough bodies on the front line. Sutton has very high upside. I believe if he can lose weight and drop back to the 285-290 range that he was in during his sophomore year when he was so dominant, i believe he can dominate at the next level. He's ungodly quick and explosive. He plays the run very well and rushes the passer almost at will. I believe that Jeff Fisher can get this man to alter his body and play hard, and he will add to the Rams front four.

So there you go. Another day, another mock draft. I believe this draft nets the Rams everything they need and more. They pick up a play-making safety, 2 road grading O-Linemen, an NFL ready potential #1 receiver, a pair of dominant pass rushing DT's that will make the Rams D-line just unbelievably good next year, a quarterback of the future to develop behind Bradford, an impact OLB to replace Dunbar and round out a very, very good front 7, and a tall, potentially shut-down cornerback to groom into the next Richard Sherman. So there's my mock draft, what do you think?

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