The Rams should draft Jimmie Ward

The Rams need a free safety. I’ve heard names like Pryor, and Clinton-Dix being thrown around, and both of them would be great additions. My main problem with drafting one of these players is that with pick 13 both would be a reach, and both could use a lot of work on their coverage skills. I think we need a coverage safety to compliment T.J. McDonald’s hard hitting play. If we are looking for the best coverage safety in the draft, we should look no further than Jimmie ward.

Here’s a quick look at Ward’s 2013 stats in comparison to Pryor, and Clinton-Dix (stats from

Jimmie Ward

Calvin Pryor

HaHa Clinton-Dix













I will be the first to admit that both Pryor, and Clinton-Dix are superior athletes compared to Ward, but the best athlete in not always the best player. Ward reminds me of a player like Jairus Byrd. They both lack elite physical tools, but both have knack for coverage, and finding the ball. Ward may end up being a better athlete than I am giving him credit for, but I am going of what I have seen in game film.

Speaking of film...

Here we have the last game of Ward's college career. One of the first things i notice is his versatility in coverage. This film displays Ward's ability to cover the deep third, play man, zone, and even allows you to see him in a nickle corner role. He held great coverage through this game, even showing the ability to press wide receivers at the line. The only problem is was in some cases he was as hands on as a Seattle CB, which may lead to a few pass interference calls in the NFL.


  • Great coverage safety .
  • Closes on the ball well allowing pass break ups.
  • Ball hawk.
  • takes good angles (in the film above he saved a TD because of this).
  • Can lay down a big hit. (see the 3:00 minute mark of the video above).
  • Can play nickle corner.


  • Lack elite size.
  • Good, but not great speed.
  • Does not drive through tackle (This could lead to missed tackles in the NFL).
  • Gets caught on blocks easily.
  • Gets tangled with receivers at times.

In my eyes the Rams need to get better in pass coverage. If we are looking to stop the run, than I suggest we Draft Pryor, or Deone Bucannon. Ward may not be the sexy pick, but in my eyes he is hands down the best coverage safety, and drafting him would allow us to address other needs in the first round like our offensive line.

Why wouldn't we want a some one who can make plays like this:

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