The Inevitable: Rams Mock Draft 2014 (Full 7 Rounds)

Regardless of you're take on how annoying mock drafts can be, they are extremely useful in expanding minds and ideas that could potentially be used in the draft. For this one, however, I wont be using any trades, as all that does is complicate things.

So Without Further Ado....

(Drum-roll Please)

Round 1 Pick 2: Sammy Watkins WR

I mean c'mon guys, he's the best WR in the draft. I admit, Clowney is a hell of a specimen but with the solid DE's we already have in Long and Quinn, its honestly just a waste of a pick. Our two biggest concerns right now in my opinion are secondary and offensive production. What better way to add to our offense than by lining up Watkins with Tavon? There isn't one.

Round 1 Pick 13: Calvin Pryor S

In all honesty, I believe this kid is the second coming of Bob Sanders. He hits like a freight train, and has decent speed so he can hang with receivers running deep routes. The only difference when comparing to Sanders is Pryor is 6'2. All arrows point in the right direction with this guy as he'll step in as a day one improvement to any defense,but especially the Rams.

Round 2 Pick 12: Cyril Richardson OG

As you can see, this guys size alone is impressive. Has incredible footwork for a hippo, and it compliments his massive wingspan very well. As long as he doesn't let defenders into his bodies and stays aggressive with his initial push, he'll just fine in protecting Bradford from would be tacklers.

Round 3 Pick 11: Stanley Jean Baptiste CB

If you don't know this guys name by now, you will soon. Standing at 6'3, with 32 inch arms, his catching radius is huge. Has fluid body control for a man of his stature and is very good at jamming receivers within five yards. Trouble with tackling and aggressiveness, but that can be fixed by simple coaching. Overall, this guy has all the assets to be the next Richard Sherman.

Round 4 Pick 10: Devin Street WR

With 2nd rounder skills and tremendous hands, Street is one hell of an athlete. He seems to come down with contended ball 95% of the time. Combine that with his fluid hip rotation, 6'3 size, and 4.5 40, you got yourself a recipe for success. The only reason he dropped was because of the ankle injury he suffered, so teams may be wary to pick him, but I think Fisher will be more than willing to pull the trigger.

Round 5 Pick 13: Aaron Murray QB

Kid with a cannon. Many have compared Murray to Drew Brees and I dont see them being far off. There are many similarities in their styles of play particularly their size and their arm strength. He is definitely solid backup material in case Bradford goes down again and If Murray lives up to the hype, we might just have another steal in the draft.

Round 6 Pick 12 J.C Copeland FB

Look at him. He's an absolute tank. He might not wow you with his running ability, but Copeland is one hell of a blocker. Weighing 285 lbs and standing at 5'11, he can get under those DE's and lockdown the QB as well as provide a lead blocker for Stacy in the backfield. Favorite move? The pancake, which he uses extremely effective against DE's. The best part? HE USED TO BE ONE! What does that mean? He knows a counter for every move. See any downsides? Yeah. Me neither.

And Last but Certainly not the Least...

Round 7 Pick 13: De'Anthony Thomas

Why you ask? We already have Stacy so whats the purpose of this pick? Well, Stacy needs a solid backup and not just anybody. Richardson wasn't producing and if we're gonna go speed back, go big or go home. And speaking of speed, did I mention Thomas runs a 4.3 40? Even though he only weighs 170, I think he'll still find a knack of making the defenses' job much more difficult. Playing style reminds me of Darren Sproles and I personally believe he is oozing with potential.

Thanks for the read and tell me how you think I did in the comments below.

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