First Round Requirement - FS - The Board does not lie!

Ok , I am pretty much a draft geek, I have done hundreds of mock drafts on every draft simulator I can find, (Draftgame, Drafttek,Fanspeak etc...) and one thing has become clear. If the Rams don't address Saftey in Free Agency there extreme importance in picking a Safety in the first round.

You could argue that trading back the second pick any where in the top 10 spots and reaching a bit for the first safety off the board is worth the reach. After the first two safety's in this years draft we see a huge drop off in talent. and After the first five you might as well draft a CB and train him to be a safety.

Generally these are the top two Safety's in this years draft. I prefer Pryor myself but either would fill a huge whole in our defense.

Ha'Sean "Ha Ha" Clinton-Dix
Alabama, junior
6-1, 208

Part and parcel of the NFL's aforementioned shift toward faster, more versatile players on defense has been the increased demand for safeties like Clinton-Dix. He has great instincts defending the pass, with enough tackles to back up his willingness to fly into the box in run support.

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Calvin Pryor
Louisville, senior
6-2, 208

Pryor may be the D.J. Swearinger or Jonathan Cyprien of this draft -- a hard-hitting safety whose instincts for finding the football are Round 1 caliber. Again, the name of the game for defenses now is versatility, and Pryor can cover a whole lot of ground in the secondary.

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Add this to the fact that OT and WR seem to have some depth int he draft here is what I propose the Rams do in May.

Trade pick 2 ( I love Clowney but agree not a need) to Cleveland for both first round picks. We get Pick 4 & 26

Trade Pick 4 to Atlanta if Clowney is still on the board, Predicting Jacksonville will take QB also. We get pick 6 & 37

Pick 6 - Cliton -dix or Pryor at Safety. - Either answers the call to solidify the back end. Both are guys that like to thump.

Pick 13 - TE Eric Ebron - Better than another Receiver might just be the best TE in the class.

Pick 26 - Best OL available - Maybe David Yankey from Stanford or Zack Martin ND,

Pick 37 - Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU or Top CB still available possibly Roby from Ohio State or Joyner from Florida State.

Pick 44 - Top WR still available - Jordan Mathews from Vandy seems like a popular choice here.

The thing that plays out on all these online draft Simulators is that the Safety and OT positions dry out fast, of quality players that can make immediate impact. Drafting this way might seem bit risky and not as sexy as Watkins at two but for the Rams to move up on the Seahawks we have got to improve the season performance of the safety position first.

Then work of the play makers that we thrive to see on our team.

Would you reach for a Safety?

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