Kelvin's Meteoric Rise



Kelvin Benjamin is about to be a Top 12 pick. I think there are a lot of people slotting him in the late 1st to mid 2nd range, and that's about to blow up. There are a number of factors that will stick out, and I'll just run through them real quick.

First some highlights:

Kelvin Benjamin 2013 Highlights (via chuck blunt)

1) Kelvin Benjamin is an amazing physical specimen. At 6'5" 235, he's got peak wide receiver measurements. Benjamin's tape shows a fluid athlete, unhindered by his size. He looks like he's capable of running in the low 4.5's too. If he puts in an impressive bench press, the Brandon Marshall comparisons will come into full force. His play shows a man ready to dominate the jumping events too.

His focus is probably the biggest issue he has, and there is really only one (albeit controversial) drill to test that: the gauntlet. Getting passed that should be easy for most well adjusted WR's, and a good showing should be expected.

2) Kelvin Benjamin will be the most impressive skill player at the combine (Clowney might be able to play LB, but probably not SS, heh). There are some great skill players out there this year. Sammy Watkins is blazing fast. Mike Evans is giant. Marqise Lee is super quick. But no one will turn in a performance like Benjamin.

Mike Evans is nowhere near the class of Benjamin in speed. You flip on one play from any game, and its immediate that Benjamin is playing at another speed. Watkins is fast but very few are projecting him to break the 4.3 barrier, and with only pedestrian size, the combine won't be where he separates himself from the field. The same goes for Lee. The CB class is stacked with larger, more physical man coverage players who aren't as conducive to impressing at a combine. The S class, along with most S classes, is filled with gamers, not athletic marvels. The RB class doesn't have to be mentioned because they haven't been mentioned.

Now with combine momentum rolling, there will be one thing left to drive him into the edges of the top ten...

and that's potential.

3) He looks like previous greats. He's doesn't show greatness consistently, but the draft is about potential, and he's right at the top of that board.

You think Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens Highlights (via DaNy6l)

You think Brandon Marshall

Ultimate Brandon Marshall Highlights (2013-14) HD (via BrightlyDarkFilms)

You think Julio Jones

Ultimate Julio Jones Highlights (via Reeves Guyton)

Are these comparisons unfair? I don't think so. Just a cursory look at his highlight video and you see a lot of the same attributes as seen in these established WRs' videos. Big, strong player able to go up against a gaggle of defensive backs. The ability to separate from corners who give up close to 50 lbs on him. Forcing linebackers to clean him up on runs after the catch because the DB's are busy taking free piggy back rides.


Do I want Kelvin Benjamin? Short answer... yes. But I think his value will lie somewhere in the 10-15 range. There are some players who need to impress with their reliability and undying devotion to their craft. That's not Benjamin, and it's not a bad thing. At one end of the spectrum is Danny Amendola, and at the other is Kelvin Benjamin. Though he drops balls, he's played high level competition and made them look foolish at points. His interviews support his devotion to being both a good WR and good person, and I'm sure that'll strike some points with some NFL coaches who are already enamored with him. He will mismatch on every defender in the NFL and it will come down to him not screwing up. That's a statement not many players can make claim to, which is why I'm thinking he's a future top 12 pick and the 2nd WR to come off the board.

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