Houston Texan's Target Blake Bortles? What's that Got to do with the Rams?

The Houston Texans hired former UCF Knight's quarterbacks coach George Godsey earlier this month. Bob Dylan let us know, "You don’t need a weatherman, To know which way the wind blows." Although, George Godsey didn't mentor and coach University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles, it does make one wonder, if the wind, or in this case, the Draft has shifted the Texan's weather vane, toward Blake Bortles.


Recently, George Godsey was a NE Patriot offensive assistant from 2011-2013. So Godsey got to see Tom Brady up close for 3 years. 1. Before that George Godsey was part of the UCF coaching staff that recruited Blake Bortles. 2. Houston Texan head coach Bill Obrien's Penn State Nittany Lions lost to Blake Bortle's Knights last year. Want to see another connection? 3. UCF Head Coach George O'Leary mentored Texan Head Coach Bill Obrien at Georgia Tech for 8 years.

So what's to like about Bortles?

Blake Bortles*, QB, Central Florida
Height: 6-4. Weight: 230.
Projected 40 Time: 4.75.

Bortles has a strong arm, enticing good size and the athletic ability to scramble for yards. Higher ceiling than Bridewater or Manziel. Compare Bortles body type to Bridgewater's 6-3 height and bird bone 205 weight. ( I shan't mention Johnny Football anymore, since I wish not to serve up another cup of verbal syrup of ipecac.) Bottom line: It would appear the Houston Texans are targeting Blake Bortles.

"Wait a minute Ewe! Your on the wrong Fan Site. Post this crap on the Houston Texan site!" OK, I'm sorry! Let me get to the point.

What's Blake Bortles got to do with our beloved Rams? For one thing you can bet the Rams, Jacksonville, and Cleveland already know about the Bortles- HoustonTexan connections. So Houston will have a difficult time unloading the #1 pick!

How Bortles affects the top of the first round?

If you are the Cleveland GM of the week, you're aware: 1. Bortles is trending with Houston 2. Jacksonville at 3 will pick a QB, if the Rams pick Clowney. 3. Minnesota may try to leapfrog Cleveland by trading up to Rams #2 pick. 4. Cleveland is a solid trading partner for Rams.

Unless, Jacksonville can't live without Bortles, 1. They're not going to give up next year's #1 to move up 2 spots! Jacksonville believes they'll get a shot at 2 of the 3 top QBs, or Jadeveon Clowney. So it makes sense for Jacksonville to stay pat at #3! 2. Houston wants more than the 39th pick from Jacksonville, especially if they lose out on Bortles and Clowney in the bargain. So I don't see a Jacksonville- Houston trade. 3. Jacksonville is a poor trading partner for the Rams.

Rams Fallout-

1.There's a good chance the Rams can draft Jadevon Clowney, if they want him. OR Rams can auction off Clowney pick to highest bidder.

2. If the Rams want Sammy Watkins they better not trade past Cleveland, otherwise Sammy Watkins will end up in a Raiders Black and Silver uniform.

3. If, the Rams want a top Offensive Tackle and Snisher would be happy drafting Greg Robinson or Jake Mathews, then the Rams can trade back as far as Minnesota at 8, and still be reasonably confident Rams get the offensive tackle they want.

4. If Rams want an Offensive Tackle with their top pick. And, Snisher loves one Offensive Tackle, but doesn't like the other, then Atlanta at 6 is as far back as Snisher can safety trade, and still get his targeted OT.

5. The Rams could trade back as far back as Dallas's #16 pick, but only if the Rams received a staggering treasure treasure trove of extra draft picks in return for #2.

Bottom Line- If the Houston Texans draft Jadeveon Clowney #1, the Rams trading power is cut in half. So it's a good thing Bortles is trending in Houston.

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