2nd Mock of the Year

Hey guys here is my second mock of the year. In this draft I have the Rams trading down with the Falcons so they can select Clowney at 2. We receive their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Round 1(6th overall) - Greg Robinson OT Auburn


Tackle isn't our biggest need, but it certainly can be addressed. Jake Long was injured late in the year and may not be ready to start the 2014 season, and who knows what Saffold is going to do. If he does stay, I hope he'll play guard. Greg Robinson is a mauling run blocker, which would be great for our offense, and a good pass protector. Between him and Jake Matthews, I choose Robinson cause of his upside and run blocking. I know Fisher has never drafted OL first, round but I think Robinson is too good to pass up here.

Round 1(13 Overall)- Calvin Pryor S Louisville


My favorite player in the draft. Two months ago I had him going in the second round, but now he's getting a lot of attention and for good reason. He's been called a mix of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Not bad for a rookie. He can play in coverage really well and is great at defending the run. He's also a big hitter and intimidating. The Rams need a safety and Pryor would be perfect.

Round 2- Xavier Su'a-Filo G UCLA


The Rams could use an upgrade at both guard positions. As I said I hope Saffold comes back and stays at guard but that still leaves another spot. Su'a -Filo is a good run blocker and good pass protector, some see him as a first rounder, but hopefully he falls to us in the second. Long - Su'a-Filo - Jones - Saffold - Robinson... Looks like a very good offensive line.

Round 2- Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech


We expected a lot better from our corners in 2013, but sadly they weren't that good. I think Jenkins just had a sophomore slump and that he will bounce back. Tru played very well, but was inconsistent. The biggest letdown though was Cortland Finnegan. He was awful and eventually got injured. I hope we let him go, and if we do I hope we pick up Fuller. He's 6'0 and about 195 pounds and is very good in coverage. He's an underrated player in this draft, likely due to injuries but if he's here, the Rams need to grab him. Jenks, True and Fuller would make an excellent cornerback trio.

Round 3- Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss


A sleeper receiver in this draft, Moncrif stands at 6'3 and 230 pounds. That's #1 receiver size, something the Rams need. Moncrief has good hands and fights for balls very well. He can be our number 1 receiver. He may not be be super fast but he can sure play. Check out some of his highlights. He can be this years Keenan Allen. If he works on his route running a bit, he can and will be very good.

Round 3- Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee


Kendall Langford played well this season and Michael Brockers is close to becoming elite so defensive tackle is not a huge need. Langford however may leave after next season so a replacement may need to be found, we need depth at the position also. McCullers is a big man at 6'6 and is very strong. He plays the run well and also has some pass rush ability. Could be a steal in the third.

Round 4- Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama State


This kid can play. I don't remember who it was but somebody on TST did a piece on this kid recently and I was very impressed(shout out to whoever it was, good stuff!!!) I think Crowell would be a great change of pace back to Stacy. Then again, we all know what happened the last time we drafted a RB named Isaiah...

Round 5- Aaron Murray QB Georgia


Kellen Clemens did play kinda well but we need a better backup QB behind Sam. Murray tore his ACL late in the year which will cause him to drop. He's smart and accurate and would be a nice backup plan to have.

Round 6- Denicos Allen OLB Michigan St.


Michigan State was known for their hard hitting defense and Allen was a big reason why. He may not drop this far but if he does the Rams should not hesitate. He can backup Dunbar and may eventually replace him. He's a very good pass rushing OLB.

Not sure how many 7th rounders we have so I'll go with three (all picks are just for depth)

Round 7- Kenny Ladler S Vanderbilt


Round 7- Antwan Lowery G Rutgers


Round 7- Colt Lyerla TE Oregon


So there it is. I hope ya all liked it. Lemme know what you all think!

Go Rams!

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