New Era Mock

It amazes me how poorly our secondary played this year considering that we have the most ferocious pass rush in the league.

McLeod and Johnson would not start on any playoff team this year. I like them both as they give great effort but lack talent. Johnson really struggles against good receivers. Finnegan was statistically one of the worst CBs in the league last year. McGee was a Walton draft choice who doesn’t look very good to me at all.

The way I see it we have one starting CB with Jenkins and one starting SS with McDonald. So we need two starting CBs and a starting FS.

Here are my offseason moves:

  1. Cut any player making $4mn or more not earning their paycheck – Wells, Dahl, and Finnegan

  2. Sign Alex Mack Center from Cleveland. Mack should want out of the mess in Cleveland. He is the best center in football. I know...I know...Scott Wells and Jason Brown. It is comparing apples to oranges.

  3. Sign Akeem Jordon as a first down OLB. Jordon specializes in stuffing the run.

Here are my draft moves:

  1. Trade 1.2 to the Arizona Cardinals for their 2014, 2015, and 2016 1st and 2014 2nd and 3rd. Hear me out! The math works out on the Trade Value Charts. AZ GM and head of scouting have both attended Texas A&M games to likely scout Johnny Football. They need a QB as Palmer is at the end of his career. Strategically this seems like a very intelligent trade for the Rams to make because if Johnny Football is a bust it will cripple AZ’s organization for years to come. Also, Johnny Football is running QB that our defense is already game planning against with Kap and Wilson. Johnny Football in our division doesn’t scare me one bit. This would also give us the draft capital in 2015 and 2016 to make a big move up the board if we need to draft a QB, LT, or WR1. This is similar to the RGIII trade except we would draft much lower and receive an additional 3rd.

  2. Trade 1.13 to the Jets for their 1st and 3rd. The Jets may be interested in moving up to draft Eric Ebron or Mike Evans as they are in desperate need of offensive weapons.

So here is my mock:

1.18 Calvin Pryor – A lot has been written on this site about Pryor. He is an amazing football player that has Pro Bowl talent. He will make every receiver think twice about coming over the middle and will punish running backs. G. Williams covets hard hitting safeties and he is the hardest hitting player (just not safety) in the draft. If you look at the top rated safeties in the league, 7 were taken in the first round and 2 were taken in the 2nd round. The idea of getting an elite safety later in the draft doesn’t hold up.

1.20 Jason Verrett – One of the two best cover corners in the draft. Verrett is so much fun to watch. He is fluid, quick, and attacks the ball. Verrett is a shutdown corner. I read a comparison that he is a young Cortland Finnegan. If he was two inches taller he would be going in the top 10.

2.13 Kyle Fuller – The other best cover corner in the draft. Fuller is tall and extremely athletic. He could be a Pro Bowler for years. He had offseason sports hernia surgery which is hurting his draft stock. He is our answer to the taller receivers in our division like Fitzgerald and Crabtree.

2.20 Zach Mettenberger – Huge arm, huge body, prostyle offense. Leader. Intelligent. Like it or not Sam is injury prone. We need a QB that can come in week one and win. I will be surprised if he falls here as Houston, Jags, Raiders, Cardinals, Vikings all need QBs. I believe Mettenberger will end up being the best QB in this class.

3.5 Brandon Thomas, G/OT –

3.13 Joel Bionio, G/OT - if you are a doubter watch the UCLA tape to see what he did to Barr.

3.20 Billy Turner, G/OT

4 Justin Ellis, DT – We need a serious player to rotate with Brockers and Langford. Ellis is explosive off the snap and very powerful.

5 James White, RB – Zac Stacy 2.0.

6 Trai Turner – G – very young and talented.

7. Chris Elkins, C – absolutely dominates his opponents.

7. Zach Fulton, G

7. Josh Stewart, WR – crisp route runner

Three of the five guards (and Barrett Jones) drafted played left tackle in college giving us tackle depth. I figure from five guards plus Jones and our great oline coach Paul Boudreau we can find two quality starting guards.

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