Spring Trading: Pre-Combine Mock Draft

For my first mock I went very defensive heavy and included no trades to keep it simple. For this mock, I wanted to include trades, because frankly I see the Rams flying all over the draft board come May. I tried to make these trades as realistic as possible using the Draft Pick Value Chart, but I will admit this is my first time using one, and may not have used it correctly (I will leave that to those will more knowledge than me to see if I got it right or not at all). Keep in mind in this draft the Rams make four trades in the first round. Some may see that as unlikely, but I can definitely see this playing out depending how the draft goes. I also am choosing to leave out the 7th rounder we get from Indy, because I’m not sure what pick number that will be. I also leave out the compensatory picks that we are receiving in this year’s draft, because I’m unaware as to when in the 7th round they will be.


Round 1 (2) Trade pick # 2 to Cleveland for Round 1 pick #4 and #26, and Round 4 pick #100.

Cleveland despite recent front office turnover still needs to secure their franchise QB to be able to feed Josh Gordon the ball. They do not want to wait and hope the QB they covet falls to them at 4, so they make the deal with Les Snead and move up and grab their future QB at number 2.

Round 1 (4) Trade pick # 4 to Atlanta for Round 1 pick #6 and Round 3 pick #68.

Atlanta is just old when it comes to their pass rush. They need defense, as their offense is top tier when Julio and Roddy are healthy. They will not want to let a player the caliber of Jadeveon Clowney be taken by the Raiders at number 5 overall. They contact their old friend Les Snead and get the deal done.

Round 1 (6)Trade pick number 6 to NY Giants for Round 1 pick #12, and Round 2 pick #43.

With the Oakland at number 5, although many see them taking Sammy Watkins if he is still on the board, they will make the smart move to plug a leaky offensive line with Greg Robinson. He will be able to play both sides for them if need be and is an instant starter. With Robinson gone, the Rams look to move again, this time hooking up with the New York Giants. The giants with Nicks as a free agent desperately need a weapon for Eli to throw the ball to. Randle and Cruz will not be enough for Eli to succeed, so they jump up to grab the Dynamic Watkins. I know many rams’ fans want Watkins here, but as much as I want Watkins, I don’t want another WR taking away reps from Bailey, Givens, and Quick.

Round 1 (13) Trade pick #13 to NY Jets for Round 1 Pick #18, and Round 2 pick # 49.

The Jets plain and simple need WR help. Everything I have read points to them going receiver with their first round pick. Holmes has been reliable for them but is getting older, and Stephen hill has just not lived up to what they thought he was going to be for them. Many have them hoping that Lee or Evans will fall to 18, but this front office won’t take that chance and they will pull the trigger with the Rams and make the deal.


Round 1 (12): Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St.

With Gilbert, The Rams get an instant starter on the outside to start opposite of Janoris Jenkins. This will allow Trumaine to play in the nickel. He has good height at 6'0'' and has the athletic ability to do anything you need him to do out on the field. He has great football I.Q with great hip fluidity. He can match up against the big physical receivers in the NFL, and also posseses great return skills. By far the best corner in the 2014 draft.

Round 1 (18): Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville.

Pryor is a safety whose stock is continuing to rise. He is a ball hawk that can cover the entire field and is a devastating hitter. I see Greg Williams falling in love with this guy. He has the ability to play SS as well, a skill that fisher wants as he wants to be able to interchange his FS and SS. He needs to sure up his tackling, and can sometimes over pursue, but can be an instant starter and a game changer.

Round 1 (26): Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh.

Anyone who has watched Donald play, knows the kind of caliber player he is and can be. He explodes off the line of scrimmage, and tackles very well. He has the motor that will fit perfect on our DL alongside Quinn, Brockers, and Long. Some may knock is height and weight, but many see him as a geno atkins type of player. His stock has continued to sore to where he could be the first DT taken. I can't help but fall in love wih this guy, and can't help but think fisher and williams will too.

Round 2 (43): Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG, UCLA.

Su'a-Filo is highly considered the 2nd best guard in this 2014 draft. Yankey is most likely gone by this pick, but the Rams will have no problem picking up Xavier to command that LG spot. He has great footwork, and is excellent when pulling down the line. he has a powerful punch, with a great ability to drive defenders back with ease. He is a sure fire starte along our O-Line, and is the first step towards reconstructing a battered unit.

Round 2 (44):Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State.

Here the Rams pick up their other starting Guard on the right side in Gabe Jackson. This dude is a beast at 6'4", 340lbs. He is a quick puller, with exceptional strength, and can be a powerful run blocker clearing lanes. He needs to work on his feet quickness, and initial step, but Coach Beau will have him ready by week 1. He may need to cut some pounds off that 340 frame, but either way this guy is an instant starter and makes the Rams line a whole lot better.

Round 2 (49): Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee.

This guy has a huge ceiling. He is also huge at 6'6''330lbs. He has grea size and strength and is very physical with his long arms. He is a bit of a project as he needs works on some of the technical aspects of being a reliable LT in this league, but luckily the rams boast arguably the best OL coach. If Long is not ready for Week 1 the rams can have this as a O-Line (Richardson, Su'a-Filo, Barnes/Jones, Jackson, Barksdale). If Long is healthy, he can compete with Barksdale on the right side, or just provide depth at a position where the Rams have little of.

Round 3 (68): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois.

The time is now for the Rams to finally have a back up plan that can play the QB position should Bradford go down again. He can also provide some friendly competition for Bradford, something he has not had since he was drafted. Garoppolo is a quick decision maker, and can make all the throws you need in the NFL. He needs to do a better job stepping into the pocket, especially against elite NFL pass rushers. He has frantic footwork sometimes, and will force throws. Another concern is the lack of true competition that he faced. All in all i think he is a nice 3rd round choice for the Rams and has a great deal of upside to him.

Round 3 (75): Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech.

Attaochu is an interesting player. Many see him fitting in as a rush backer in a 3-4 scheme, but his athletic abilities have him being compared to Bruce Irvin, and ina 4-3 could play strong or weak side linebacker. He is a nasty blitzer and an effective runstopper. He has shown great improvement at shedding blocks, and although he is raw in pass coverage his instincts have allowed him to make plays. With his blitzing abilities, Greg Williams will be able to use him in a variety of packages. He is our third and final piece at LB (Attaochu, Laurinaitis, Ogletree).

Round 4 (100): Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood.

Desir is a big physical corner that will fit nicely with the Rams. It is hard to say whether or not Finnegan will be on the team next year, so drafting two corners in my opinion is a must. He needs to get better against the run but is a shut down corner that will provide great depth with McGee behind Jenkins, Gilbert, and Johnson.

Round 4 (104): Bryan Stork, C, Florida State.

Stork was the unquestioned leader of the offensive line that propelled the high scoring Florida State offense. He is quick off the snap and uses his hands and bent knees to get instant leverage on defenders. With the question mark at Center with the likel cuting of Scott Wells, Stork would be a great guy to take on that starting job or compete with Barnes and Jones.

Round 5 (141): Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan.

Schofield after a strong senior bowl has garnered more attention heading into the draft. He can provide increase depth at the tackle position along with Richardson and can provide good production in the 5th round.

Round 6 (172): Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida.

Lynch can explode and has great quickness off the snap, he is long and can be another great rotational end for the Rams.

Round 7 (203): L'Damian Washington, WR, Missouri.

Washington is another big body receiver that could be a great possesion and red zone threat for the rams. If the rams decided to move on from pettis, he and quick could assume the role in the end zone fighting for those tough catches. He has much work to do with his routes and hand catching, but is a great pick up in the 7th.


1(12): Justin Gilbert, CB.
1(18): Calvin Pryor, FS.
1(26): Aaron Donald, DT.
2(43): Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG.
2(44): Gabe Jackson, OG.
2(49): Antonio Richardson, OT.
3(68): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB.
3(75): Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB.
4(100): Pierre Desir, CB.
4(104): Bryan Stork, C.
5(141): Michael Schofield, OT.
6(172): Aaron Lynch, DE.
7(203): L'Damian Washington, WR.

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