How Jeff Fisher can improve the Rams in 2014 (SATIRE)

Where should I even begin?

The 2013 season is over for our Rams, but not to shame. This is a team that didn't find their offensive identity until a quarter of the season had passed, and once they found that identity, had to run it with a career back up QB. On defense, the Rams didn't find an identity until the last quarter of the season, and that may be a stretch saying they "found" it, instead of saying they just played better. With the 2014 season 8 months away, I have some ideas that may be beneficial to the Rams success.

Considering Fisher likes to hire a lot of people he's previously been associated with, let these rumor mills start spinning.


Wow. What can I say. This guy did it all. I don't think there would be a better option out there if the Rams wanted to improve on this end. His history with Fisher would only solidify this speculation as the Rams look to avoid cramps and injuries as well as giving their all each play...

ALSO...2014 FIRST ROUND PICK: Mr. Clowney

With Haynesworth as the new S&C coach, we can expect to get everything out of Clowney.


That's right. Mr. Pacman himself. With a defense that likes to get physical, the Rams need a leader who will discourage all the personal foul penalties and come-back-around trash talk. This guy is the epitome of class and would easily get Lockdown's mind back right.


Back in 2012, the Rams drafted Brian Quick, a big physical receiver who has tremendous upside and many around the Ram's camp believed would be the next TO. The Rams need a receiver who is big, physical and has shown that ridiculous upside with crazy stats to show Quick the ropes...who better than Kenny Britt?


The Rams probably have one of the better teams as far as individual talent in the league. The key is to fully engage that talent onto the gridiron. I don't think anyone else out there has fully utilized the talent on their team as successfully as Mr. Schwartz.

NEW QB COACH: Vince Young

If we want Bradford to be elite, he needs an elite coach. Schotty isn't getting it done, so maybe a better QB coach is what we need to see Bradford excel. In his playing days, Vince Young was one of the best QBs in the league as far as reading plays and decision making, two things that Bradford needs improvement on. There are no other candidates out there that could mold Bradford into the next Montana.

So, what do my fellow TSTers think?

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