Rams 7 Rounds till Glory -7 round mock Draft



Here we are at the end of a long season for us as Rams fans. Starting the season we all had high hopes that this would be the first time in a long time that the Rams would end with a winning record. It wasn’t hard to imagine that Rams would be competitive coming off of a season of 4-1-1 in the division. The thought was that with another season of maturing and some exciting additions the team would be set for a deep playoff run. Instead uncontrollable injuries took place that left fans with another season ending under .500. However, the team did tease us with its amazing potential and ability to blow teams playoff bound out of the water. From Tavon Austin’s electrifying speed to the defenses ability, too shut down the most powerful offenses.

Now we are here, figuring out what's next in this offseason. Some fans are seen calling for Sam Bradfords head but is that really best for this young team? What about a change in Coordinators? In most places you can read that Tim Walton and Brian Schottenheimer must go? These questions cannot be answered at this time but we know one thing is for certain, we have an amazing opportunity in this years draft.

We have many options thanks to the Washington Redskins #2 pick via the ever controversial RGIII trade. So what should we do with the pick? Many would have us trade it or pick someone like Clowney. For me trading the pick seems like the most likely and best decision to help us get better. So know when I make my predictions of these picks it is with the fact that our Offensive line is coming off of a great but injury heavy season. As well as the Rams have become a very powerful run team. I think as long as Schottenheimer is the Offensive coordinator we will not see what we had hoped would be the second coming of The Greatest Show on Turf.

So without any further talk here we go with my 7 round mock draft! The St. Louis Rams are on the Clock!


Pick #2 will be traded to the Atlanta Falcons for the #6 overall pick, an additional second round pick and Atlanta’s first round pick next season



Pick #6

Sammy Watkins WR Clemson 6’1" 200 LBS

The Rams decide to give Sam Bradford a true #1 receiver and a great compliment to the speed already possessed by the offense. The Rams would be crazy to pass on this guy with his ability to stretch the field as well as make tacklers look foolish in open space. After watching Watkins in the Orange Bowl I was blown away and went from being on the fence about him to demanding him be our guy! So the Rams take the best offensive weapon in the draft two years in a row for a scary duo to be formed!



Pick #13

Greg Robinson OT Auburn 6’5" 320 LBS

Getting Robinson at 13 would be a dream come true for the Rams. While many people have Jake Matthews as the best tackle in this class along with Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson has been making people think his name might belong in that top spot. Watching Robinson dominate Florida State defensive line really caught my attention. Robinson is a bulldozer in the run game and the type of guy the Rams, who have adopted a power run and gritty identity on offense, would love to add to their offensive line. Expect Robinson to come in and impress enough to have you happy with this pick.




Pick #37

David Yankey OG/OT Auburn 6’5" 311 LBS

Fans might hate this pick but grabbing Yankey here gives the Rams two run blocking studs to their offensive line and did I mention they both can pass protect? Yankey has been the leader of a great Stanford offensive line that finished this past season with 2904 rushing yards and averaged 4.97 yards an attempt with 30 touchdowns on the season. Yankey is able to pull with speed and run over defenders to clear space. Yankey would be an amazing addition to a new offensive line that the Rams will be putting together.



Pick #44

Dion Bailey FS USC 6’0" 210 LBS

With T.j. McDonald Jr. showing great potential his rookie season out of USC, grabbing his teammate Bailey wouldn’t be a bad choice to give him as a running mate in our secondary. Bailey played as an OLB until 2013 when he transitioned into a Free Safety and even played some nickel. As his first season as a safety he finished with 62 total tackles and 5 interceptions. Bailey is a ball hawk and a hard hitter. Having him back there with McDonald Jr. would give us two very young and talented safeties.




Pick #75

Tajh Boyd QB Clemson 6’1" 225 LB

Coming into the 2013 Season, Clemson’s Senior Quarterback Tajh Boyd had hopes of being a Heisman candidate and to lead Clemson to a BCS National Championship. Unfortunately Boyd had some rough showings and his draft stock may have dropped as well. That shouldn’t stop the Rams from snatching him up in the 3rd round and finally giving Bradford some competition at QB. Boyd has many good qualities to his game with a good arm and the ability to make plays with his feet. Perhaps he might even be the future for the Rams?



Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee 6’8" 360 LBS

McCullers is a house plain and simple. With the Rams ability to draft defensive lineman and turn them into beast McCullers is the perfect project. He will demand a double team all the time giving the edge rushers an ideal situation. He will have a lot of work to do because he does tend to lose ground when double teamed but he will be able to learn to anchor down and close holes. In one on one scenario’s he is able to bully guard though so that upside is there. Robert Quinn, you’re welcome.



Carl Bradford OLB Arizona State 6’1" 243LBS

Adding a guy like Bradford to our Linebacker corps would be a great grab in Round 5. Bradford plays the run and pass equally well and has a good pass rush. Perhaps a season behind Dunbar would benefit him but I think he can be a starter from Day 1.

Round 6


Dontae Johnson CB N.C. State 6’2" 195 LBS

Another young corner that with development, could become a very good player. He has great size and in the NFC that is a plus with the tall receivers the Rams would see in the playoffs.



Aundrey Walker OT/OG USC 6’6" 300 LBS

Walker will give the Rams something they need at this point. Depth at the Offensive line. He would be developed behind the clear starters but who knows, with time he could make a great Right tackle opposite of Greg Robinson!

So there you have it! Please let me know your thoughts and opinions as fellow Ram fans. I think with this draft we get great pieces for our future and would even have a shot at playoffs in 2014. Have a great offseason everyone and Go Rams!

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