Safety Dance!

Let's talk UFA safeties. As a guideline the franchise price tag for safeties is 6,916,000.

TJ Ward- Cleveland Browns 27 year old safety is a UFA.
TJ received highest overall rating (14.5) of an UFA given by Profootball Focus (PF) in 2013. TJ is 5-10 200 lbs.
Perhaps the Rams could trade their #2 pick down, get an extra draft pick, and do a sign and trade for TJ?

Jairus Byrd- Buffalo Bills 27 year old safety received a 9.9 rating from PF. Jarius is 5-10 203 lbs.
Jairus was franchised by the Bills in 2012. He expressed the desire to be traded. Jarius was named to Pro Bowl this year, and many Ram's fans have expressed a desire to sign Byrd. Jarius will probably be the most expensive UFA safety this year.

Donte Whitner- 49'ers 28 year old safety received a 11.5 rating from PF. Donte is 5'10" 208 lbs.
Last year the 49'ers stole Rams safety Craig Dahl. Will the Rams strike back and steal Donte?
Donte wants to change his name legally from Whitner to Hitner. Donte was inspired to change his name after an illegal hit on Rams receiver Chris Givens. Donte saw a lightbulb go on over his head, while Chris Givens saw stars and little birdies.

Chris D. Clemons- Dolphins 28 year old safety received a 4.1 rating from PF. Chris is 6'1 208.
Chris signed a one year contract for 2.5 million with the Dolphins in 2013.

Bernard Pollard- Titans 29 year old safety received a 3.4 rating from PF. Bernard is 6'1" 225 lbs.
Bonecrusher Pollard signed a one year contract with the Titan's for 2 million in 2013.

Kerry Rhodes- Ex Cardinal 31 year old safety did not play in 2013, although Kerry was ranked as the 2nd highest safety in the entire NFL in 2012 by PF. At 6-3 212 lbs , Kerry accumulated 13 sacks, 23 interceptions, and 8 forced fumbles during. Kerry was strong in coverage and has excellent tackling ability. So what's not to like? The rumor is, Kerry Rhodes is gay, and that the NFL blackballed Kerry. My guess? Kerry may be gay, but so what. I feel he has a chip on his shoulder, and would sign a fairly cheap FA contract for around 2 million dollars. I think the Rams should at least kick the Kerry's tires.

Now Everyone do the Safety Dance!

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