Help with my Madden Ramchise draft.


After the latest roster update in madden I decided to start a franchise with imported rosters using the Rams and have just finished season one. This was the first season I have played in all madden and it didn't go to well for the Rams.

We started the season off 3-1 with our only loss week one to the Cardinals. In week four against the 49ers Sam was sacked by Aldon Smith and broke his collar bone. From that point on it was week in and week out of Kellen Clemons throwing to the other team or no where near the target. We finished 7-9 with the lone bright spots on offense being Zac Stacy who almost made the 1000/1000 club and STUDman Bailey who ended up with almost 1400 yards receiving.


On defense one suprise standout came in the form of Matt Daniels... He came in week 3 when we were losing to the cowboys made a pick six and started the rest of the season while putting up respectable numbers. he anchor of the Defense was the real life DPOY candidate Robert Quinn, with 16 sacks he was the main thing that kept my terrible user skills in any of the games.


Thanks to the Redskins I will have the number one overall pick along with my number 12. I'm trying to take my team to the post season next year and was wondering what everyone thought would be a good choice. My biggest needs Are interior line (which this draft seems no have none in the import), ROLB, A number one WR, DT, and CB. A free safety would be nice but as I said Daniels has played well.

Then there is one final dreaded need... A QB or Back up QB. With the injury to Sam I don't know if I can trust him as the Franchise and I at the very will least get someone to make Clemons go away forever.

So for the number one pick my main choices are:

Johnny Football QB: Ranked round 1, pick 1 (Madden dream. Speed, elusiveness, good arm, needs work on accuracy though)

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS: Ranked round 1, pick 3 ( Big hitter, solid tackler and solid speed for a safety)

Sammy Watkins WR: Ranked round 1, pick 4 (Speed to burn, great catching stats)

Darqueze Dennard CB: Ranked round 1, pick 5 ( Ranked in the 80's for man and zone as a rookie)

Louis Nix III DT: ranked round 1, pick 6 (Best power and finesse moves for rookie not named Clowney)

For my number 12 overall pick my choices are between:

Blake Bortles QB: Round 1, pick 11 (assuming he falls one pick) (Accurate with a strong arm, stats like Roethlisberger)

Marquise Lee WR: Ranked round 1, pick 13( Good catching skills, slightly less slower than Watkins)

Khalil Mack ROLB: Ranked round 1, pick 14 ( Looks like a 4-3 LB has Tackling in the 90's)

Mike Evans WR: Ranked round 1, pick 17 (Great catching and spectacular catching, slow and bad route runner)

Anthony Barr ROLB: Ranked round 1, pick 18 ( 80s tackling with high skills for pass rushing)

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB: Ranked round 1, pick 31 (Fast but in 70s for man and zone as a rookie)

And finally if I don't do with a QB int the first which should i draft in the second:

Teddy Bridgewater: Scouting says athletic and good passer ratings. (I have no idea why madden made him a second rounder)

Tajh Boyd: Scouting said the best athlete of these three but worst passer.

Zach Mettenberger: Sam Bradford type with solid accuracy no speed.

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