Crazy Like a Fox Mock Draft ( Inspired by Saffold's Excellent Guard Play)

Enabling Ewe

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There are 10 offensive tackles worthy of 1st round to early second round picks including Jake Mathews, Camerson Erving, Taylor Lewlan, Cyrus Kouandjio, Antonio Richardson, and Greg Robinson. I want two of those guys plus Sammy Watkins.______I want two offensive tackles who can also play guard

We can't depend on Jake Long to stay healthy for an entire season. To beat Seattle we have to have an offensive line that can open holes for Stacy and Cunningham. ( Compare game 1 with game 2)
We need Sammy Watkins to pair with Austin, Bailey, Quick, and Cook.__________

Believe it or not the Rams defense ended the season ranked above in Denver, KC, Indy, GB, New England, San Diego, and Philadelphia! ( All Playoff Teams) And what do they got that we don't got? High scoring offenses!
We have a playoff defense. Bottom line....We have to outscore our opponents.______

Every single playoff team is ranked above our offense!

Add Sammy Watkins to more experienced Tavon Austin , Stedman Bailey, Quick, Givens, and Pettis.
Suddenly, our receivers are equal to better than our neighbors SF, Seattle, and Arizona.
A healthy Sam Bradford ( with a shored up offensive line and a #1 WR) compares well to Kaepernick, Willson, and Palmer. Don't you agree?____
Only Seattle would have a better RB then the Rams. Gore isn't getting younger.____
Overnight our offensive line has multiple young studs. ( We won't have to draft another OT for years)
We expected a lot from Cook, but remember he was our top receiver last year, and we all love Kendricks and Harkey.____
All our defense needs is one more CB, S, and DT to rotate with Brockers and Langford.

Let me summarize- We need 6 players to push the Rams over the top
With one smart trade, we can get 5 of those players in the first 3 rounds.
I believe our number 1 priority should be Mr. Sammy Watkins!
We can depend on Les Snead to make a trade or two. To summarize, we need:
Sammy Watkins,
2 OT's,,
1 cornerback,
1 safety,
1 DT.
Let me move on. Rams cut Finnegan, Wells, and Dahl. Rams resign Barnes and Chris Williams, and Rams let Saffold and Shelly go to free agency. These moves greatly relieve salary cap pressure, and allow the Rams to extend Quinn and perhaps sign one key free agent. I will proceed on the assumption that we do nothing in free agency.___
My Mock Draft is dependent on Snead trading down for at least 1 extra1st round pick, or trading down for 2 2nd round picks. Let us suppose Snead trades our 2nd pick in the draft for Cleveland's two 1st round picks. The only person we must have is Sammy Watkins. Yet I will name 5 rounds of players for fun's sake. What round the positions are drafted in is the important thing.
1a WR- Sammy Watkins--
1b. OT- Antonio Richardson -Tennessee-
1c. OT- Greg Robinson- Auburn-
2. CB- Marcus Roberson- Florida-
3. DT- George Uko- USC-
4. S- Deone Bucannon- Washington State
5. S/CB Anton Exom- Virginia Tech
Best available players at Guard, linebacker, DB, RB, Center, or QB
I believe that Snead will get us at least 1 extra 2-4th round pick ( I want a QB with that pick)
QB Sam Bradford and 2-4th round pick to groom
WR Sammy Watkins, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, C. Givens, Quick and Pettis ( we carry 6 WR)
TE Cook, Kendricks, and Harvey____
---LT Jake Long and Greg Robinson, LG Greg Robinson and C. Williams, C Barnes and B. Jones, RG Anotonio Richards and B. Jones , RT Barksdale and Antonio Richardson. ( We are set, if Jake Long gets hurt again)

We add a 2nd round CB and a 3rd round DT to rotate with Brockers and Langford.____
We add a 4th and 5th round safety to compete for 1 spot, and now we are deep at safety.
My mock draft is dependent on the Rams drafting Sammy Watkins and drafting two offensive tackles early. Two offensive tackles who can play guard gives us primo young studs and the flexibility to let Saffold, Dahl, Wells, and Shelly go. In addition, by subtraction of Finnegan we can extend Quinn and perhaps sign 1 primo free agent. Maybe Bryd, the Bills safety? We keep Langford, but draft DT George Uko in the third round to rotate with Langford and Brokers. If we are lucky enough to sign Bryd we can draft another OLB to compete with Dunbar, or we can easily get a backup QB by round 4. Remember only Ogletree and JL are on the field for all 3 downs, so another stud CB like Marcus Roberson is more important than an OLB or even a safety. A cornerback who can tackle should be able to play free safety.

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