A Tale of Two Roberts

In case you missed it, Robert Quinn had himself a helluva season. I mean being All-Pro's gotta count for something, right? Sacks on sacks on sacks. And forced fumbles too, sometimes even at the same time but that's called a strip-sack and makes me feel all dirty inside. 19 sacks, a *googolplex of forced fumbles and a touchdown to boot. So, DROY right, RIGHT!?! Well, there's also this other guy Robert Mathis from the Colts and he did okay too. But better than the Mighty Robert Quinn? Nah, and here's why.

Sack Totals: Robert Quinn with 19 vs. Robert Mathis with 19.5

Okay, so technically Mathis had more sacks. By half a sack. You know what half a sack is? Half a sack is putting your hand on the QB when he's getting sent sprawling to the ground by your teammate. Still, he had more so this round goes to Mathis, barely, like it's more a push than anything really. Point, Robert Mathis.

Forced Fumbles: Robert Quinn with 7 vs. Robert Mathis 8

Am I the only person shocked that Mathis had more than Quinn here? I mean, Quinn had a lot of 'em and Mathis had 1 more, I gotta give it to him here. Point, Robert Mathis.

Fumble Recoveries: Robert Quinn with 2 vs. Robert Mathis with 1

You didn't think Quinn was just gonna roll over for him, did you? Nope, Quinn finishes the play with his nose for the ball. Point, the Mighty Quinn.

Passes Deflected: 1 apiece

Pro Football Reference actually had Mathis with 2 but everywhere said just 1 so, push. No points awarded.

Touchdowns: Robert Quinn with 1 vs. Robert Mathis with none

Booya bitch! Now, I can see a case being made that touchdowns don't really define you as a pass rusher. But this isn't just for title of best pass rusher, this is Defensive Player of the Year and every part of your game and everywhere you do and don't have an impact counts. Point, the Mighty Quinn.

Safeties: Robert Quinn with nada vs. Robert Mathis with 1

Well, what are ya gonna do? Point, Mathis.

Stuffs: Robert Quinn with 12 vs. Robert Mathis with 5


Tackles: Robert Quinn with 50 vs. Robert Mathis with 43

Robert Quinn's run- stopping abilities > your run-stopping abilities. Point, Quinn.

Combined Sacks, hits and hurries: Robert Quinn with 91 vs Robert Mathis with 60

This is my personal favorite. Now, you can look at this and say Mathis had a sack on nearly a third of his pressures whereas Quinn was much less efficient in finishing his pressures. Or look at it this way, if a boxer is very hesitant and lacks confidence leading to less thrown punches than his opponent, he'll land a higher % of his punches but he's still gonna get KTFO by the guy who keeps coming at him. Also, pressuring the QB, even without a sack pays immense dividends for the defense, hasty decisions by a QB leads to an easy day for the secondary. Point, Quinn.

Quinn had 50% more total pressures than Mathis and more tackles, which would imply he was superior at playing the run than Mathis ( he was). Anyway, Quinn's main competition for DROY isn't Mathis but probably Richard Sherman. The point of this was so you could see that regardless of the Deacon Jones award(but damn it would've been nice), Robert Quinn is the best pass rusher on the planet right now, bar none.

*He didn't really have a googolplex of forced fumbles, I rounded up to that number.

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