My thoughts on the 2014 Draft

What's up TST? First-time poster, life-long fan. And here's my take on the STL Rams needs going into the 2014 NFL draft, in particular the 1st round draft choices.

I argue with my fellow Rams about the needs of the team, the assets the team has, etc. One thing I know for sure is the Rams have 2 glaring weaknesses going into the 2014 season:

1) The health/talent on the Offensive Line

2) The big play (for & against)

How do we address these needs in the 1st round of the 2014 NFL draft? A combination of the following players:

Jake Matthews / Taylor Lewan (best OL available)

Darqueze Dennard (best CB available)

Of course, i'd like the front office to trade back and get more assets in the draft, but any way we can get this combo, we should do it. Now hear me out..

For obvious reasons, with the injury to our newly signed OT Jake Long.. the uncertainty looming over the protection of our franchise QB Sam Bradford remains a top priority. I would be happy with either of the 2 above mentioned draftees on day 1. Matthews has the best technical skill at the position, Lewan has the rawest pure talent. Either of these guys would be day 1 starters at either tackle spot, providing the bodies we need with the potential for losing current Rams OL via free agency. Sam Bradford standing on his 2 feet gives us the best chance to win, and I will commend the front office for addressing that fact.

As far as the big play is concerned, the Rams went from pretty much first to worst in this regard over the 2012 & 2013 seasons on the defensive side of the ball, and struggled both years offensively. It has been our Achilles heel all season. Giving up chunk after chunk, and failing to take advantage of our skill position players talents on offense. So why do I choose the best CB in the draft versus the big body WR Sammy Watkins? I believe the personnel in place for the Rams at all positions on defense have the ability to productive pros and a top-5 unit in the NFL. Since Cortland Finnegan has had the freakish eye injury, our secondary has seemed in need of an upgrade. Dennard is a physical, run stopping, you're not throwing the deep-ball on me.. type of CB. That is EXACTLY what this team needs on the opposite side of Janoris Jenkins (who in my opinion, is going to be the second coming of Asante Samuel in the big play game). A lock-down corner on one side, a big play gambler on the other.. that's a good combo on the outside. Trumaine Johnson is a fine player, and will also be a serviceable pro. We can never have too many good CBs. This in-turn, will help our young & talented WRs. There's 2 ways we can improve the play of our WRs.. 1) address the personnel or 2) create the competition they need to grow. There's no better way in my mind to create the competitive atmosphere a young player needs then by adding talent at the exact opposite side of the ball. Better CBs will make better WRs.

This is my philosophy, feel free to chime in!

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