Another 2014 mock with 2015 speculation

To preface, this post gets a little crazy. I realize this and anyone that plans to read through to the end of the post needs to prepare for assumptions made too far into the future while hinging on too many ifs to speculate on with any reasonable validity. With that said, the possibilities are fun to think about and I do this for, more than anything else, fun. So try and enjoy my best case scenario for how this draft and a portion of the 2015 draft materializes.

Trade 2 --> 4, 2015 1st, 2016 1st Browns trade up to grab Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Football keeping #26 in order to draft a playmaker to pair with their young QB.

Trade 4 --> 19, 2015 1st Dolphins trade up for a "can't miss" OT, something they didn't do last year that they look back on regretfully.

Trade 13,109 --> 25, 57, 88, 120 GB trades up to acquire Lee, Evans, or Benjamin to revamp their receiving corps

19- Ra'shede Hageman- Has the size and potential that Fisher prefers at DT. Would round out an incredibly talented Rams front four.

25- CJ Mosley- Rated highly now (deservedly), Mosley's stock will likely fall to the late first as the draft approaches and new names creep up draft boards, but he is a great fit for the Rams and would form a dominant group of LBs with JL, Ogletree, and possibly Ray Ray.

44- Austin Sefarian-Jenkins- A player that has shown the ability to block well and make tough catches. Would help the Rams run blocking as well as in the receiving game. We have Cook, Kendricks, and Harkey but there is not a player available at this position in the draft that can help us in as many ways as ASJ.

57- Bradley Roby- A corner with elite potential that had a disappointing, though not terrible, senior year. If he fell to this point in the draft he should be snapped up immediately.

75- David Yankey- Capable LG that could fill in immediately and help to build a young, gifted O-line with Saffold, Jones, Barksdale.

88- Deone Bucannon- Talented safety with size, physicality, and cover skills that the Rams would be lucky to acquire at this point in the draft.

120- James Hurst- A talented, though not elite OT that could fall due to a broken leg sustained in his last college game.

5th round- Spencer Long- Long likely won't be selected this early, though he was an all american level guard from Nebraska, who sustained a season ending injury early in the year.

[6th-7th round picks not addressed]

These trades allow for the Rams to add two first round picks in 2015, and another first for 2016. The three combined 2015 first round picks would prove rather intriguing, depending on how Bradford's 2014 season came together. If Bradford becomes the elite QB many of us still believe he can become, these picks will prove useful in adding even more blue chip talent to place alongside him. If Bradford fails to deliver on his promise in 2014, the three first rounders would give us tremendous firepower which could be used to trade up for a Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota level QB. Considering the two additional first round picks in 2015 come from the Browns and Dolphins, either of the two could likely be top 5/10 picks in the first place. My personal preference would be Winston, and adding him to the talent we have across the board in addition to the 2014 draft class and possibly a Green-Beckam level receiver if Quick/Givens don't exhibit marked improvement. The mismatches associated with having DGB, Tavon, Cook, ASJ, and Stacy on our offense combined with a young offensive line and a young star in Winston would be extremely difficult for opposing offenses to deal with. The defense, with additions of Hageman, Mosley, Roby, and Bucannon would be expected to compete for top 5 in the league perennially as well. Obviously, this is going too far into the future and something tells me the Browns and other teams will think before giving up future firsts after the Redskins fiasco, but the potential for pulling off another trade involving future picks obviously presents enticing possibilities, which (I guess) is my point.

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