What The Return of "G Dubbs" Really Means



So he has returned after all, eh?.......

While his return most definitely has its negatives, I will be going over the positives for now and negatives later.

Well I for one will welcome him back with open arms. As most of you already know there was not many people more disappointed with the hiring of Tim Walton than myself. And there certainly was not that many people going as insane as me when he did what I thought and brought that same pathetic, sorry excuse, of secondary coaching over from Detroit. So the return of Williams is big in that regard alone. A competent coach will make a world of a difference. But there is so much more as well.


Gregg Williams is one of the most aggressive coaches in the NFL. He loves to attack. He does not have it in him to sit back let the offense attack him, and then he reacts. He reminds me of Mike Tyson. His best defense is to attack, rather than defending himself against a million shots to the gut. What I am talking about is his love for blitzing.

We can expect more blitz's this year than we have had the last three years combined. Now, when you throw in the fact that James Laurinaitis happens to be one of the better blitzing linebackers in the game today, though under-appreciated, he knows how to get to the quarterback. Alec Ogletree is a decent blitzer himself, but has the skill set to be a monster in this aspect. But it gets so much better.

TJ McDonald will be allowed to do what he does best and fly down hill. Expect to see a very good nickle corner added this off-season, as he also loves to send the the guy in the slot off of the backside of the play. So a corner in the mold of Charles Woodson (Packers 2008-2011) will be needed.

And did I mention the Rams' pass rush was already one of the most feared in the league?


Expect to see running backs having a hard time trying to find running lanes. This ties into Williams' love for blitzing. His blitz's look as if they are just guys running rampant. In actuality, his blitz's are well thought-out schemes designed to stop the run as well as rush the passer.

The blitz's are created to fill gaps before they even open. Then you react to whether it is a run or pass and make the play.

To play in this scheme you have to be a smart, physical, and quick to react player. Well, between Laurinaitis and Ogletree, we have that. This signing will also almost certainly mean the retention of Jo-Lonn Dunbar. You will be hard pressed to find a LB out there that fits this scheme more than him. Not to mention he knows Williams' defense better than anyone else on the team from their time together in New Orleans.

The Secondary Upgrade

The final truth about the return of Williams is the upgrade of the secondary. Because of Williams' love for the blitz -will truly live and die by it- he plays up in your face, man to man, jam from the snap, defense. This is actually when Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson are at their best. They both feed off of their own confidence. It is part of the reason they talk so much. It is not to just get in the head of the opponent but to get themselves hype as well. When either player makes a big play they suddenly start to play even better.

Big plays rarely fall into a players lap. They come from being aggressive and sticking your nose into the opponents business.This more aggressive style of play, mixed with the blitzing and pass rush should equate to more success for the secondary as well as more turnovers as a whole.

And let's not forget about the possible addition of Alterraun Verner. I for one am having a hard time believing that his best two seasons as a pro came when he played under Jeff Fisher his rookie season in 2010 (also the man that drafted him) and then again in 2013 when Gregg Williams was calling the shots, was merely a fluke.

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2013 Tennessee Titans 16 16 57 49 8 0.0 0 23 5 68 13.6 34 1 0
2012 Tennessee Titans 16 16 81 64 17 0.0 0 9 2 11 5.5 11 0 1
2011 Tennessee Titans 16 3 49 43 6 0.0 -- 8 1 4 4.0 4 0 0
2010 Tennessee Titans 16 12 101 85 16 0.0 -- 11 3 41 13.7 19 0 1
TOTAL 288 241 47 0.0 0 51 11 124 -- 34 1 2

It is hard to not see him coming over from Tennessee and following the success that lies within the playbooks of the two coaches that has been most generous to his career. With the ridiculously nice contracts that we seem to have been offering the last two off-seasons, I am sure whatever money is leftover after the hopeful resigning of Roger Saffold, will be used on one free agent. With the addition of Williams, and Fisher being here as well, I think it is officially safe to say the chances of AV making his way up interstate 55 to St. Louis, have just increased substantially.

All that is needed now is another safety, hmm...........

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