Rams Trade Back Twice

Rams trade with the Browns move back to 4. Rams receive Browns #26 pick.

Rams trade with ATL and move back to 6. Rams receive ATL #37 pick.

6. OLB Khalil Mack Instant 3 down impact starter muck like Ogletree last year. A very nice bookend to Ogletree and replaces Dunbar. Teams will be game planing for Ogletree next year, it will be much harder with Mack to worry about too.

10. CB Darqueze Dennard Rams give up a 6th rd pick to move up to land the best CB in the draft. Replaces Finnegan and a great savings on the cap. Our CB depth is in great shape. Jenkins, Dennard, Johnson.

26. S Calvin Pryor I like Pryor better then HaHa. Paired with TJ our safety issues are finally not an issue.

37. G Gabe Jackson A road grader run blocker instant plug in starter. Harvey Dahl is cut to help the cap

44. G. Cyril Richardson Now with these two massive guards we will be able to control the line of scrimmige and run the ball effect to set up the pass. I believe J.Long and J. Barksdale are ok for now at tackle. We can draft a tackle in the 5th for depth.

75. DT Kelcy Quarles Langford is cut helps the cap.

4th rd I would look to grab a RB to team with Stacy. A strong running game I think is key to help set up the pass and help Sam and our young WR's. If Stacy goes down we are thin.

5th rd OT Oline depth.

Rams cuts CB Finnegan, G. H Dahl, C S. Wells, DT K. Langford.

I think with this strategy you obvious improve the defense to which should be a top 5 defense in the league. As you can see no real weakness on the D. This defense has the potential to create many turnovers and set up the offense with great field position. I think with these big improvements at both guard spots our running game will get stronger which as we seen last season help our passing game. Our offensive line will be able to set the tone of games kinda like the niners. With Sam back it will help our young WR'S. Adding another powerful RB in the 4th Rd to team with Stacy will just punish defenses and wear them down and once again set up the pass. With Long and Barksdale at the tackles and a 5th rd OT for depth our Oline should be much more powerful and nasty.

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