The Rams Offensive Line, 2003 thru 2013. The History Behind the Madness

O.K Gentlemen, this is my first attempt at a Fan post. Below is some very interesting information regarding the Rams offensive line draft history. Which to say the least, hasn't been very good.

I have been pounding on quite a few posts here on TST for the last several weeks saying how the Rams need to build an elite offensive line in order to become a top team. I thought I would put this together for everyone to see how bad the Rams have been as an organization in addressing the offensive line in the draft over the last ten years. This will hopefully change some minds as to why the Rams need to target some OL very early and often in the draft, starting this year.

From 2003 thru 2013, the Rams used fifteen (15) draft choices on offensive linemen. Of those choices:

2 have been in the 1st round (Alex Barron and Jason Smith)

1 in the 2nd round (Rodger Saffold)

2 in the 3rd (Richie Incognito, John Greco)

2 in the 4th (Claude Terrell, Barrett Jones)

3 in the 5th (Dustin Fry, Roy Schuening, Rok Watkins)

2 in the 6th (Scott Tercero, Ken Shackleford)

3 in the 7th (Larry Turner, Mark Setterstrom, Tony Palmer)

Of those fifteen (15), only ONE (1) is a starter (Rodger Saffold) this year and only one (1) other, Barrett Jones, is still on the team and he hasn’t even played in a game yet.

Now let’s look at two other teams in the NFC West, first San Francisco. During the same period, 2003 thru 2013, the 49ers also used 15 draft picks on OL. Of those choices:

4 in the 1st round (Kawame Harris, Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati)

3 in the 2nd (Justin Smiley, David Baas, Chilo Rachal)

1 in the 3rd (Adam Snyder)

2 in the 4th (Cody Wallace, Joe Looney)

1 in the 5th (Daniel Kilgore)

1 in the 6th (Jason Slowey)

3 in the 7th (Patrick Estes, Mike Person, Carter Bykowski)

Of those original fifteen (15) Forty-Niner picks, Six (6) are still on the team and at least three (3) are starters (4 if you count Adam Snyder).

The next team is the Seattle Seahawks who also used 15 OL picks during the same 10 year period. Of those choices:

3 were in the 1st round (Chris Spencer, Russell Okung, James Carpenter)

1 in the 2nd (Max Unger)

4 in the 3rd (Wayne Hunter, Sean Locklear, Rob Sims, John Moffitt)

2 in the 4th (Ray Willis, Mansfield Wrotto)

0 in the 5th

0 in the 6th

5 in the 7th (Doug Nienhuis, Steve Vallos, JR Sweezy, Ryan Seymour, Micheal Bowie)

Of those original fifteen (15) Seahawk picks, five (5) are still on the team and three (3) are starters.

As you can see, the Rams have done a terrible job drafting offensive line over the last ten years. The Rams also used the fewest picks, seven (7), on OL in the first four rounds when compared to both San Francisco and Seattle, who each used ten (10). Interesting fact that each of the three teams used 15 picks on offensive linemen over the ten year period.

Isn’t it time to address the OL?

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