An Unlikely, but Interesting Draft Scenario

Like seemingly everyone here, I have been reading just about everything I can find on the upcoming draft, a hugely important one for us Rams fans. I confess, I am confused with all the info. I have read the experts and the amateurs, watched tape, thought and pondered far into the night......what will happen? Clowney is the #1 pick. No, Manziel is. Nope, this week it is Bridgewater. Tomorrow, Bortles....and what about that buy from Wyoming....what's his name? It is a lot of info and territory to cover!

I might be the only one here to not submit a mock for the draft yet. There is a good reason for that....I don't know Diddly, or his brothers Jack and Squat. I have developed some favorites over these last weeks, but to be honest, I have no idea how they may or may not work in our team. I know where our team lacked last year and what needs improvement, but the answers may not be found in the draft at all.

In this massive research project that I have undertaken, incurring the wrath of my boss in the process, I hit upon an interesting idea.......

The Texans have announced their willingness to discuss trading their number one pick, but what if that is just some kind of smokescreen, or based on incomplete information? After all, the Combine hasn't happened yet, etc. They could change their minds. In my admittedly unlikely scenario, they do.....

They feel that they are only a couple pieces away from a serious contender, which may indeed be the case. They are well known for having QB issues and many people are expecting them to take Bridgewater or Manziel with their first overall pick. What if they decide that a DE would elevate them to elite status? So, they trade with us for our number two!

Crazy, huh? Yes, but some rationale for this......

I have given some rationale for the Texans, now our side of the story.....

We don't need any of the top five overall picks(as they roughly sit now). We don't need a QB and we don't need a DE. Other positions such as WR and OT/Guard....maybe, but unlikely under the Fisher program. In exchange for the number two overall, we get their 2015 first pick and this year a number two and number 3. Next years number one, is mostly a contingency for you-know-who as has been thoroughly discussed elsewhere here on TST. A further bit of rationale for us in this scenario, is potential help with our salary cap issues, even though the rookie class should have no problem getting signed under it.

I don't expect this to happen, but it is interesting food for thought, I think. A ballsy move, if I were the Texans GM, I might consider it.

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