Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams’ News, Senior Bowl Prospects, & Pro Bowl Rosters

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Pro Bowl rosters are set, Sam Bradford’s up and running, a few former Rams have a chance to make the Hall of Fame, and the Rams apparently suck. So there’s that…

Biggest Disappointment[s] of the 2013 Season:  CBS Sports

The Rams are picking second overall in the upcoming NFL draft, and it’s no secret that it’s due to the Rams/Redskins trade that landed Robert Griffin III in Washington.  A sophomore slump earned RG3 this year’s "biggest disappointment" honors, but one Rams’ player didn’t escape the Top 10 list.

The Hall-of-Fame Case For Aeneas Williams:  CBS Sports

This is the third-straight year Williams has been a finalist, and he seems to be getting closer and closer, surviving the cut to 10 in 2013.  Take a look at a few reasons why he should - and shouldn’t - be inducted into the NFL’s Hall-of-Fame.

Pro Bowl Rosters Set After Two-Day Event:  CBS Sports

If there was any excitement surrounding the new Pro Bowl format, it’s probably lost by now.  With that being said, it’s not often you see a Rams’ player suiting up in Hawaii.  Robert Quinn and Johnny Hekker will both be playing for Jerry Rice’s squad.  It beats the alternative…

Gabe Jackson…"Brawler and Mauler": NFL.com

Gabe Jackson has become a popular name among Rams’ fans who enjoy prognosticating the team’s 2014 draft selections.  Why not?  Guard is certainly one of the team’s needs.  Mike Mayock says he’s "about as physical a guy as you’re going to see."  Harness your inner scout, and tell us what you see from any of these videos [courtesy of Draft Breakdown].

NFL Nation/Super Bowl Player Survey: ESPN

As part of the on-going reveal of answers to the NFL Nation survey which polled 320 players on a variety of questions, we've reached the release of the answer to a poll question not much different than the one asking which player is most respected by his peers.

Plays that Shaped the Rams Season - Number 8:  ESPN

The St. Louis Rams finished the 2013 season second in the NFL in total penalties with 121, trailing only the NFC West division rival Seattle Seahawks. Considering the Seahawks led the NFL with 128 infractions, one would think their penalty problems would have an adverse effect on their record. But the difference between the Rams and Seahawks came down to the simple fact that Seattle was good enough to overcome its mistakes and the Rams weren't.

"I understand the process now and I know that I can’t become emotionally invested in the process because when you look at everybody on that list, not just the finalists, you look at the semifinalists, everybody deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. The fact that I’m [a finalist] is an incredible honor. Whoever gets in deserves to be in because all of the names on that list deserve to be in, but you can’t put everybody in."
Futures - What’s After Clowney:  Football Outsiders

Remove Jadeveon Clowney from the equation and this class of defensive end prospects is not an exciting one. However, the NFL isn’t comprised solely of superstars. Teams still derive value from players that do one thing well.  Who else is there?

When Robert Quinn and Johnny Hekker take the field in Honolulu on Sunday in the in the 64th NFL Pro Bowl, they will mark the first time multiple Rams have appeared in the game in eight years. The Rams’ duo made their selection an easy choice by not only performing among the best at their position this year, but also through previous seasons.

At this point in the process, it seems pretty clear the Rams aren’t taking a quarterback high in the NFL draft. General manager Les Snead basically said as much a couple of weeks ago. But it still could happen at some point during the draft…

Draft Exodus Benefits the Rams:  St. Louis Post Dispatch

The strategy has been clear to the Rams all along: Trade down from the second overall pick in the NFL Draft and gain another selection or two.

In today’s NFL team’s are always trying to get younger and build for the future by using the draft. If it’s one team that has used that tactic the most the past couple of years, it’s the St. Louis Rams.  But it’s experience that the Rams’ WR corps is missing.

2014 Salary Cap Update:  Over The Cap

The Rams are currently teetering on the edge of being over the 2014 NFL salary cap.  There’s not much wiggle room.  The team’s going to have to make some.  Who’s going to be a cap casualty?

If that were not enough, a case could be made that the St. Louis Rams just finished providing the Gateway City and Rams Nation with history’s single most disastrous nine years of football ever. Unfortunately, St. Louis NFL fans have suffered through arguably the second worst NFL legacy of all time.

It may seem ridiculous to claim that any team amassing 53 sacks to follow up a 52-sack year in 2012 needs to make changes in the pass rushing department, but that’s just what could be facing the St. Louis Rams this offseason.

An Updated 2014 NFL Mock Draft:  Walter Football

The Rams [currently] have five picks in the first four rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft.  In Walt’s mock, the Rams go:  Defensive End, Safety, Defensive Tackle, Quarterback, and Offensive Tackle.  How do you like that order?  Those players?

And In Case You Were Wondering…"Suck"


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