Trenches and Secondary Mock 1.0

Lemme just start by saying I'm a sad panda. Sad panda because WR this year is mega deep. There is something like 8 WRs worthy of a first round selection. Not that many will go that high of course, which means there will be great value picks later. Read 2013; Allen, Kennan. Very tempting picks for rams fans and probably for Shisher too. Also, there are some dang good RBs to be had in the second round. Le sigh.

I don't believe the rams will go in that direction however. And I'm not entirely sure we should.

For us to continue to be competitive and potentially get over that .500 hump we need just a few things. Obviously, more experience will lead to greater production and fewer penalties for our young players on rookie contracts. As far as the draft is concerned, we need a talent infusion in the secondary and the offensive/defensive lines. Win in the trenches and let our talent outside the tackle box handle business on their own time.

I will be making a few assumptions throughout this mock.

- Snisher will stick to their guns in regard to prior decisions made in previous drafts. As in Quick will get another chance to prove he can be that Boldin type elbow shover, Givens is our outside burner, Austin is our slot burner and Studman can reach Bruce/Holt levels of possession type reliability (I'm a Studman fan).

- Cook (ugh) is our TE of the future.

- Jake Long will be g2g by week 1.

- Saffold is resigned (his value to our team is tremendous).

- There will be o-line and secondary cap causalities.

I will also try to stick to my best estimation of Snead/Fisher's draft ideals.

1.a - Louie Nix III / DT / 6'3" / 340lbs

A trade down here would be necessary. Atlanta, Minnesota or Tampa would be ideal. We'd swap firsts, grab their second this year and a 2015 first. Probably have to balance w some later round picks too.

Louis is an anchor. Straight up. Strong, powerful, quick hands. Fits the Fisher big guy mold. He'd clog the run, and tie up multiple blockers for our pass rush studs. I know what you're thinking, Brockers is that guy for us. And I agree, he is... right now. He's also a stud athlete that has a high ceiling as an interior pass rusher. I think the two would work together nicely, right away and in the future.

1.b - Haha Clinton-Dix / FS / 6'1" / 210

This guy has been covered as a ram's pick ad-nauseum. Fits our need / value at pick 13 nicely.

2.a - David Yankey / OG / 6'5" / 311

An All-American tackle at Stanford in 2012, was even better at guard in 2013. Versatility that Shisher value in their o-line players. Can immediately step in at left guard and fill in where needed throughout his rookie contract.

2.b - Loucheiz Purifoy / CB / 6' / 185

Fast, durable, not small, man-cover type. Florida guy w weed problems, could fall a bit for that reason, a la Janoris Jenkins.

3 - Zach Mettenberger / QB / 6'5 / 240

I may have lost you here, but what the heck. Snead has repeatedly declared his commitment to post ACL Bradford. I believe we can win w Bradford and that he will be in the top 12 range throughout his career. This is a value pick and one that could pay off when Bradford is injured again. He has a big arm and good head on his shoulders. Could be a grand slam, bust or potential trade bait. I believe he would be worth a flier here, not sure Snisher would go QB this early however.

Again, our offence is super young, I believe It'd be wise to let them gel another year. Although passing on Watkins could be akin to Dallas passing on Moss...

There it is, my offseason report / mock 1.0.

BTW this is my first fanpost, been lurking for years.


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