Bridgewater, Bortles, Manziel Scouting Roundup!



To preface this, I didn't do my scouting on them for the Rams, I had a mate who was a Browns fan ask me who they should pick at #4 and decided to post it here as well.

It really depends what the Texans do. They could go for any of Bridgewater, Matthews, Manziel, Bortles, or Clowney, depending on how the pre-draft process goes. Depending on what they do, a few teams could try to trade ahead of the Browns for one of the QBs or hell even Matthews/Clowney, because the Rams are really likely to trade down. If the Browns are smitten, they'll trade up to #2 to head off other people trading ahead of them, likely only giving up a 2nd or 3rd to do so. I could go on with that but basically there are 10 different scenarios for each of the Texans' possible moves.

Now to the basic question of 'who is best' over 'who could still be there', Currently pre-senior bowl and pre-combine, I have it ranked Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles, then a fair gap, far enough that the Browns wouldn't be thinking about taking them at 4. Not that it's terribly pertinent, I have the next tier of QBs ranked Carr-Fales-Mettenberger, gap, Smith-McCarron.

Pros: Very accurate, though against inferior competition. Ran a pro offense. Good, but not great, frame. Fast and athletic enough to extend the play outside the pocket if need be. Actually goes through his progressions, something college QBs struggle with. Plays like a field general, but not a great leader, if that makes sense. Very clean off the field. About as safe a pick as you can have at QB as far as bust factor goes.
Cons: Not a ton. Played against bad competition most of his career, gotta see how quick he adapts to good defenses on a weekly basis. Occasionally erratic, misses a few open throws but not on like a Clemens level, just slightly more often than he should. Couple minor durability/injury concerns. Though he has a high floor I think his ceiling is a bit low. He will be a solid QB on the order of maybe Palmer/Bulger in their prime, with less picks, but doesn't have the upside to be a transcendent QB or even a perennial probowler.

Johnny Football
Pros: Improv master. He can extend the play like no other QB. He doesn't sprint out of the pocket and make a run for the sideline or 2 yards forward like RG3, he will look to pass unless there is a running lane. Awesome to watch, will get fans excited. Fast and quick, is a threat in the open field. Doesn't seek contact, knows he is a QB and will protect himself, but is not above fighting for extra yards. Faced elite defenses, no question he can perform. Does have a reputation to not be lazy, puts in extra effort in practices, film room.
Cons: Not a real leader, good influence, or field general outside of the Duke game. Needs to either show the willingness or ability to lead his team in a mental and emotional capacity when it counts. Occasionally trusts his receivers too much which leads to picks. Longer throws tend to hang up a little more than they should. Didn't run a traditional offense, given many more shotgun and bootleg reps than he'd have in the pros. Had the benefit of a ridiculous o-line with athletic OTs. Small frame, but that seems to matter less now with established small QBs like Wilson Brees etc. Off the field issues well documented though admittedly not major.

Pros: Built like Roethlisberger in that he is thick and can absorb hits like a tank. Also like Roethlisberger in that his size and not-horrible speed let him run if he has to, but he looks to pass first. Keeps eyes downfield, doesnt get rattled in the pocket, he is a film study in pocket presence and utilization. Has a reputation to be very coachable, is a fantastic leader. Great arm strength, can make throws with velocity anywhere on the field, but not quite elite. Very tough, no injury issues that I'm aware of.
Cons: Not as accurate as you'd like. More of a Brett Favre sling it in there type of guy. Could go through his progressions quicker and with more consistency, tends to lock onto the target he wants. Even if he knows which target he wants, he could use his eyes to lead the DBs off. Though he can get it anywhere on the field with his arm strength, placement is an apparent issue downfield, doesn't project well to a vertical offense without a great QB coach ala Turner or Chudzinski.

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree with any of it? Do you rank them differently? Anyone you'd add to the top tier or drop from it? Let me know in the comments!

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