Realistic Scenarios for the Offseason

I won't take much time giving you all an introduction, as the title of this article pretty much speaks for itself. These are just some possible scenarios and situations that could transpire during the offseason heading into the start of week one. Now, these are my ideal situations, while assuming these are moves along the lines that Snisher would make.


So long Scott Wells and Harvey Dahl. It was nice having you here with this young offensive unit.


Courtland Finnegan will be brought back, being a Jeff Fisher guy and all. In addition, look for Sam Bradford to take a pay cut in order to help the team.


Look for the Rams to bring back Shelley Smith as well as Tim Barnes. No need to let go of 2 reliable back ups on an already thin line. And finally...something that people are talking about but not really mentioning is the idea of using the Franchise Tag on Saffold. (Ramfan 1313...clarify for me please)


The hot target is obviously Byrd, but unfortunately, he may be out of our price range. Outside of picking up depth players, I see the Rams targeting one of Cleveland's intriguing free agents: either TJ Ward or Alex Mack. For the sake of having a veteran in the defensive back field, my money is on TJ Ward, as the offensive line can still go young with the draft as it has several veterans occupying the load. And veteran presence is exactly what our defensive backs need...with no disrespect meant towards Courtland.


Before the Rams first pick, I'm going with pure speculation in saying they deal the pick to the Falcons for their #6, their second round pick as well as a first or second in 2015. Also, keep in mind the Rams have two 7th round picks (received one from the Colts for Josh Gordy).

1A. Sammy Watkins - WR: Most people know how my man crush with Watkins. Dude is a monster and could be the outside receiver the Rams have so desperately needed the past few years. Drafting him could open up Givens on the long ball, create space for Tavon and the inside for Bailey, with a possibility to be on the opposite side of the field with Quick.

1B. Cyrus Kouandjio - OT: With Jake Long's injury history and his recent blown out knee, drafting a tackle is probably the wisest thing to do.

2A. Travis Swanson - C: I'll explain why a little later, but this gives us a possible starter.

2B. Timmy Jernigan - DT: Kendall Langford had a career year, but he was very inconsistent at teams, despite being arguably the second best lineman on the team for the last few games. Jernigan is a stud who would be the rotational guy on the inside and would eventually replace Langford once his contract expires.

3_. EJ Gaines - CB: A lot of people know how high I am on Gaines. Guy is GOOD.

OR...Dion Bailey - FS: TJ's former team mate. After the Austin/Bailey pick ups, seeing team mates drafted on the same team is very likely.

4_. Aaron Murray - QB: The Rams need an accurate backup. Boyd, the popular choice (and more mobile than accurate) is off the board at this pick.

5_. Ty Zimmerman - FS: Kid is a playmaker and has enormous upside. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see Fisher go with this pick.

OR...Chris Davis - CB: Auburn's unsung hero...assuming his stock continues to drop.

6_. Taylor Hart - DE/DT: HUGE. Think of Arizona's Campbell. Replacement for Eugine "15 Yard Plenalty" Sims. With proper grooming, dude could be a beast.

7A. Howard Jones - OLB: Project player/special teamer and depth.

7B. Andrew Jackson - MLB: See reasoning above.



QB - Sam Bradford

RB - Zac Stacy (Richardson, Cunningham)

WR - Sammy Watkins, Stedman Bailey (Givens, Austin, Quick, Pettis)

TE - Jared Cook (Lance Kendricks, Corey Harkey)

LT - Jake Long (Barksdale on the fill in)

LG - Barrett Jones

C - Travis Swanson

RG - Roger Saffold

RT - Cyrus Kouandjio

There's the offense. Look to have Barksdale as a rotational lineman (unless of course, he keeps excelling...then have him and Kouandjio swap spots). Barrett moves over to guard, arguably his better fit, to be next to one of the best LTs in the game.

As for defense...

RE - Robert Quinn

DT - Michael Brockers, Kendall Langford

LE - Chris Long

WLB - Alex Ogletree

MLB - James Laurinaitis

SLB - Ray Ray Armstrong/CB3 - EJ Gaines

CB1 - Janoris Jenkins

FS - TJ Ward

SS - TJ McDonald

CB2 - Trumaine Johnson

As for that SLB/CB3...the Rams deploy a lot of nickel packages, so it's very likely we could see a third corner in play more than a SLB. Ray Ray saw his defensive snaps rise during the conclusion of the season. That definitely should be a hint at something big for him, as long as he can control his attitude on the field. See McCleod, Finnegan and Chris Davis/Dion Bailey in a lot of rotational switches.

And there you have it, folks. Feel free to criticize, shout out or whatever you may feel.

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