What if Rams get Stuck Picking 2nd? I can Only See Two Choices.

The Rams have second pick again, and there I go sounding ungrateful. So sue me. . Any lawyers out there please disregard my comment and any urges to sue moi. I was kidding. Lawyers froze their butts off during the recent Polar Vortex cold snap, just like everyone else. It was so cold that lawyers kept their hands in their own pockets. But I digress.

I can only see two draft options with the number two pick.
Sammy Watkins is the 2014 draft's crème de la crème offensive playmaker. I can't believe Fisher would take Jake Mathews at 2.
Unless Snead is running the Granddaddy of all smoke screens, We won't draft a QB.

The only other choice I can see the Rams making at 2 is Jadeveon Clowney. Yes Clowney.

You can never have too many pass rushers, so the old saying goes! And I think Fisher wants the Rams to break the sack record someday. What if Jadeveon Clowney is a "Once in a decade defensive end" ? Not drafting him is the sort of move that loses GM's jobs. I would love to be a butterfly on the Snead's wall, just to hear what Snead really thinks about Clowney.

Maybe the Rams could trade Chris Long for a wide receiver, cornerback, Defensive tackle, guard or free safety? If that happens the options are mind boggling, as far as the rest of the draft is concerned

What happens if we trade our 2 to Cleveland's 4. And the draft goes like this...
1. Teddy Bridgewater
2. Johnny Manzeil
3. Sammy Watkins
4. Here we are again in the same situation. Jadeveon Clowne is still on the board.
It's almost like that old Twilight Zone. The episode where a beautiful woman driving cross country becomes frantic when she keeps passing the same man on the side of the road. No matter how fast she drives the man is always up ahead, hitching her for a ride.
Rod Serling- Submitted for your approval Jadeveon Clowney. A incredible physical specimen, who until recently had been pampered and fawned over his entire life. Bizarre? Macabre? Well perhaps. But that's all in the past and doesn't concern us today. Following his agents advise Mr. Clowne has just declared for NFL draft. . What Mr. Clowney doesn't know is that he's about to learn what it's like to be snubbed, past over, and shunned. As you may have already surmised or guessed viewer, this is no ordinary draft. Because the teams in this NFL draft are all from the Twilight Zone. dee, dee, dee...dee dee dee...Dee!
So Rams fans what do you do if Clowney is still there at #4

A. Trade down again.
B. Take Jake Mathews
C. Draft Clowney

Suppose we trade down pick #4 for Oakland's 5. Oakland is desperate for a Quarterback, and very afraid that Minnesota will jump in front of them.
4. With the forth pick, Oakland selects Blake Bortles, Quarterback from Central Florida.
We're back where we started. What do we do if Jadeveon Clowney is still there at #5
A. Trade down again
B. Take Jake Mathews
C. Draft Clowney
And now for a message from our sponsors "Head and Shoulders". Wash, rinse, and repeat.
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