Profootball Focus Ranks Ram's Offensive Line 17th best.

Rams fans hopes and fears were confirmed today by Profootball Focus. Jake Long, Joe Barksdale, Rodger Saffold, and Shelley Smith helped propel the Rams from a 2012 26th finish to a 17th in 2013.

Jake Long's excellent (25.8) grade led the way, and proved Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have an accurate eye, when it comes to signing free agents. The Seahawks devoured the Rams offensive line without Big Jake in the lineup. We can only hope and pray Jake fully recovers from ACL and MCL tears.

If Jake Long was the engine that galvanized the Rams line, then Chris William's (- 21.8) grade makes him the caboose. Williams is a liability, barely better than a practice squad free agent guard. Veterans Scott Wells and Harvey Dahl disappointed as well.

I've read many articles on TST calling for the Rams to cut or not resign Williams, Wells, and Dahl. I for one agree.

Shelley Smith's ( 7.0) grade make him a keeper, and I hope the Rams resign him.

Optimistic View

Jake Long recovers and plays even better next year.

Tim Barnes age 25 has a breakout year in 2014. He adds his name to a long list of free agent linemen who become solid NFL starters.

Barrett Jones is the real deal! Jones is even a better guard than he is a Center. He just needed a year to put on muscle and recover from his lisfranc injury.

Saffold wants to always be a Ram. He gives the Rams a hometown discount, and his guard play sends him to his first Super bowl.

Joe Barksdale settles in at right guard, and doesn't miss a start until 2020!

Rams draft two offensive tackles who can play guard! They are ferocious competitors. Overnight the Rams offensive line turns into an dominating juggernaut. The force majeure, with depth all across the offensive front!

Pessimist View-

Jake Long get injured again, Barrett Jones is really the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

Free Agent Tim Barnes is just that...A free agent. Saffold signs with the Seahawks! Joe Barksdale ends of playing every offensive line position. Rams draft two Jason Smith impersonators!

Moderate View -

Jake Long misses first two regular season game, but hits his stride by the 6th game. Barnes is solid but not great at Center.

Barrett Jones shows flashes of stardom, but is consistently manhandled by great DT's. Barksdale improves his game slightly. Saffold signs with AFC team.

Rams draft an offensive tackle in the 2nd round. And a guard later. One of them starts, and has a solid December. The other show flashes of great potential.

Which view do you ascribe to?

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