My Guideline To This Offseason: Part 2

Now, if your read my "part 1" article, then you know where I stand so far in this offseason. If not, lemme give a detail that matter to this article:

- with very little cap space available to the Rams, they signed Rodger Saffold and Tim Barnes. also, Dunbar might be signed if obtainable at a cheap price. No other players were signed.

So what does this mean? Well, it means we still have quite a few holes to fill. That will be addressed in this article through the draft. So, to start off, let's define our needs.


- Defensive Line: the only thing the Rams are set on is the defensive line. We could use some depth at defensive tackle, but that isn't a primary concern.

- Linebackers: we could use some depth at all the positions here, but we have two great starters in Ogletree and Laurinitis. We need to fix the other OLB spot though. even if retain Dunbar, we could use a better prospect at the position and have Dunbar rotate with Ogletree and this other prospect.

- Secondary: this is the worst group of players we have, I think. Now, there is nothing wrong with McDonald, Jenkins, or Johnson, but they are bound to undergo developmental struggles as players. They're young. However, I don't see us signing a safety veteran from FA, so we will have to address the other safety spot in the draft and some potential depth all across the secondary as well.

- Wide Receivers: our wide receiver players consist of a bunch of WR2, WR3, and slot players across the board. I feel like we are still missing that true #1.

- Running Backs: Stacy was a nice find and exciting to watch. Reminds me a lot of Ray Rice without the refined pass-catching ability. I'd like to think we're set here.

- Offensive Line: much improved from the year before. Still needs work, but I'm much happier with it. We have Jones/Barnes at center (with Jones being versatile and could fill in at guard somewhere if necessary), Saffold at RG, Barksdale at RT, Long at LT, and a missing piece at LG (since we cut Dahl in my other article). We definitely need an LG, and we could use some depth at every position along the line other than center. My only frustration here is I love Long at LT, but he's injury prone. His backup at LT, Saffold, is also injury prone. Just needed to get that out as it is the most irritating thing to me.

-Tight Ends: I think we're golden here. Cook is a solid receiver with upside that he hasn't reached yet but I'm hoping he will. Kendricks is also a nice option as our second TE. McNeill is a good blocker and does well on special teams.

- Quarterbacks: like it or not, Bradford is here to stay - for now. Regardless, he needs a proper backup. I can't watch Clemens play anymore. He was serviceable in the sense that he didn't make too many mistakes, but then again, he didn't do much at all really. I want a developmental QB behind Bradford who can step in if need be and do something, rather than nothing.


first off, I want to indicate the trade I hope we make. They won't be outlandish, they will make sense, and I hope it works out like this.

- The Rams trade the #2 overall pick to the Browns for the #4 and #35 picks as well as their 2015 first round pick. The Browns do this to leapfrog the competition and get Manziel like they've wanted. It doesn't put them in a deep hole as they are only giving up two first rounders to get him. I don't think Snead would want their other first rounder this year as he has stated he likes to have two first rounders, not three this year and one next year.

Now on to the draft.

- Round 1, #4: SAMMY WATKINS, WR

We need this bad. We need a #1. I'm sick of it, dammit. I see a lot of Julio Jones in this guy, someone capable of separating from his defender on the outside and has the speed to make great plays after the catch. He's undersized, but not by much. I don't see him so much as a viable red zone option as much as I see him as more reliable on the outside than any player on our roster. I want him bad.

- Round 1, #13: HAHA CLINTON-DIX, S

This should fix our safety problem. He is a very solid cover corner who can also blitz if need be and is above average against the run. He has the speed to cover sideline-to-sideline. He fills a need and is decent value at the pick.

- Round 2, #35: KYLE VAN NOY, OLB

I think this guy would compliment us well. He has similar attributes to that of Dunbar except that he is better at those attributes and he doesn't come with the extra baggage. He is great against the run, something we need in our division, and is phenomenal as a blitzer. His one weakness might be his pass coverage, but he isn't all that bad at it. His skill set is what we drastically need as his strengths are something we lack.

- Round 2, #44: CYRIL RICHARDSON, OG

Arguably the best guard prospect in this draft. He has played at either LT or LG his entire college career and is phenomenal against the run. Stacy had way more success running to the right than he did to the left and this was primarily because of the guard position. At 6'5" and 340 pounds and quick feet, he is a monster and a ballerina all in one. This guy would solidify our LG position for years to come.

- Round 3: TAJH BOYD, QB

If we're going to go out and get the Clemson WR, why not pair him with his QB as well? Tajh Boyd is a nice prospect in the sense that he still has room to grow. He is very much like Russell Wilson in his stature and toughness. I think he would be a smart pickup to develop behind Bradford in case Bradford continues his injury-plagued career.


a good prospect who could develop into a starter in the future.


I see his NFL career being as a very capable backup, something that could be of serious use to us considering our proneness to injury along the line.

- Round 6: J.C. COPELAND, FB

I feel a fullback would be a great addition to our team and they can be had with late draft picks. Copeland is the second or third best prospect in the draft at his position.


A run-stuffing type of player. He only goes so late in the draft because he is less-than-adequate against the pass. Since there is more passing than running in the NFL these days, his skill set isn't as beneficial to teams. We could use him on rare occasions, especially in our division.


- we bolster our offensive line

- we improve our explosiveness dramatically at wide receiver and have found our true #1 at the position

- we discover a capable fullback to improve the rushing attack even more

- we take an insurance player in Boyd to back up Bradford


- we obtain the best safety prospect available

- we get more talented at pass rushing due to Van Noy as well as creating more turnovers

- we solidify every starting spot on defense

- we gain depth at cornerback in Desir, with the potential for more

- we improve our pass and run defense dramatically


with this scenario, we will have filled every starting position, on both offense and defense, with at least adequate play. Granted, our depth across the board could use more work, but considering where this team was when Fisher and Snead took over, I'm happy with the results. Also, don't forget. In this scenario, we have another two first rounders in 2015.

Thanks for reading.

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