Longtime reader finally time to write!

As a longtime reader of TST I have heard the many opinions thrown around here (some make sense, others are just laughable) But, everyone has their opinion on the future of the Rams. Being from up in Canada the Rams fans are few so I don't have many to discuss the outlook and direction of the Rams so I am looking forward to discussing with you guys and girls.

In terms of Sammy B, I think he is a decent qb who with the right system and personel around him is gonna be great.

Our offensive line is a bit of a disaster going into the offseasonbut I believe Snead can manage that. Hoping we can get one of the big OTs in rnd 1. Also I loved how Saff played guard (much better than he plays LT) if we can pay him in between guard and tackle money that would be great. The cuts on the line that everyone is suggesting is much needed. Hopefully Barrett can come in and start at center this year and we can draft another guard (rnd 2 or 3).

Wr situation is the one I disagree with most on here. I love Sammy Watkins but I don't believe another rook is gonna be the answer. I know he is coming off injury but having an Eagles fan as a wife I have seen Maclin a lot and would love a solid vet presence to help our young guys. Im not ready to give up on Quick yet I just think he needs to learn how to play as a pro. Still very excited on T.A. and Stedman to have great sophmore seasons.

Rb is an area that I think we all agree is solid.... the Zac and Benny show is gonna be solid for years I think and Rich and Pead may help out in situations (special teams)

Defence is bordering on elite.... if we cant find a trade partner and if Long truly can put on the weight to play inside I say take a shot on Clowney.... he is kinda a bonus pick who could turn our front 4 into something scary. I am hoping for the trade down but if it doesnt then Clowneys my guy! If we can trade back I think HAHA or Barr would add something solid to our D. Need a cb to replace Finn unless he resigns at a much cheeper price and Fish believes after he is healed that he can at least be a solid 3 behind JJ and Tru. Byrd can play but he seems to be a bit of a Diva (live near Biffalo so I have he all about it)

I know none of these ideas are new or original but I just wanted to say hi and where I am at!


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