Drafting High to Hold a Clipboard?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the second overall pick. It's an attractive pick in this class, and our fandom has clamored with speculation over names like Manziel. These college players have shined in highlight films and SportCenter Top 10's for months now, and it would be enticing to see them suit up in gold horns. They have proved themselves as athletes worthwhile of such a high draft pick.

But particularly with Johnny Football, Rams fans ought to consider the consequences of claiming the heralded B.P.A.

We can see the imperfections in our current leader, Sam Bradford. In fact, many of us have lost faith in the former-Sooner signal caller. However, whether you like it or not, our front office still holds faith in Bradford. Regarding our current QB in a press conference earlier:

"As we’ve said, Sam’s our starting QB," Snead said. "And maybe that’s too way out of the box to take a QB that high."


We are not moving on from Bradford yet. There's no discussion on that. We can play armchair GM all day, but in the end, your Madden Franchise roster will probably still have Bradford on it.

Some have mentioned we take such a talented individual like Manziel with the intentions on grooming him into becoming the next Ram leader. However, at the end of the day, teams do not spend high draft picks for a man to hold a clipboard. A second overall pick is used to take a guy who can change the franchise. While I'm sure Manziel could hold the crap out of a clipboard for us, it would be unwise and irresponsible for the Rams organization to let talent sit on the sideline, even if it is for safe-keeping in the event of injury or regression of our current quarterback.

Your first round pick, especially high "bonus-style" first rounders, should be used for starters and difference makers. Manziel is both of those, but not for us. A difference can't be made when you're on the sideline. Before you make a Skip-Bayless-style argument and yell "but he could be better!"... The front office has made up their mind, and any rookie quarterback will go straight to the bench this year.

Fans of the players that have shined this season in college should remember that there are several very strong quarterbacks that went back to school this year and will be available next year: Mariota, Hundley, and even the reigning Heismann winner, Jameis Winston. They aren't chopped liver, folks.

If and when we need a replacement at the QB position, our team will go through losses, just like every other team that needs a QB. Just as Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Minnesota ended the season picking early because of their hole at the position, we will be in a prime position to take our next man, whoever it may be.

If Bradford does succeed, the team will also succeed. Yes, that will pull us out of "Prime-QB" draft territory, but if he puts up a good season, you shouldn't still be roaring for a new QB, but instead, praising that Bradford has risen to the occasion like a first overall pick should!

So please stop asking the front office to draft a man to keep the bench warm and keep the clipboard handy. It's an irresponsible approach to a very valuable draft pick that we possess only because we passed on a similar situation in RGIII. It's not time to worry about who's throwing the passes. It's still time to worry about the rest of our game.

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