22 Reasons Why the Rams should draft Johnny Football

The NFL is a league parity...The biggest difference maker is a very good QB....Agreed? NFL teams must be wise with their salary cap....Agreed?
Most of you know thatJay Cutler just signed a contract, which will pay him an average of 18 million a year...More on salary cap expenses later.
If I was in Rams management I would draft Johnny Manziel to groom behind and replace Sam Bradford. Important Sam Bradford stat.... career Yards Per Attempt is 6.3.
2013 was Sam's best year statistically, Sam averaged 6.44 Yds/A. Sam placed 34th out of the 37 QB's who qualified.

For comparison sake….2013 QB stats….
Nick Foles- 9.12
Aaron Rodgers- 8.75
Peyton Manning 8.31
Russell Willson 8.25
Philip Rivers-8.23
Drew Brees 7.94
Kaepernick 7.65

All these QB’s made the playoffs…..oh by the way Kellen Clemon’s had a 6.93 Yds/A in 2013

If the Rams drafted Manziel his average salary would be 5-6 million for 4 years Sam will get 17 million in 2014... If the Rams extend Sam that will cost Rams at least 18 million a year. So if the Rams were to trade Bradford for draft picks and go with a rookie QB they will save at least 12 million a year....for 4 years.

21 Reasons why Rams should Draft Johnny Football!
1. Rams will sell more tickets.....Manziel is the most exciting player in college football- Even non Rams fans will watch!
2. Rams save 12 million a year in salary cap.
3. Manziel doesn't have an injury history....Sam Bradford has missed every other season.
4. According to NFL analyst and former NFL scout....Manziel has the best escapabilty vs free rushers of any QB he has ever seen. Look at this play vs Duke.....Please watch the first 35 seconds of the video....Pay attention to the view behind Manziel on the replay- Manziel looks to his left for an open receiver....Looks right....flushed forward he makes an incredible escape, but doesn't run it....He retreats backwards, rolls left, and throws a touchdown pass across his body!....You can't diagram a play like that!
5. Rookie QB's can and do lead their team to the playoffs.
6. If Manziel becomes a top 5 NFL QB, then the Rams can lock him in, knowing they've got a great QB for years to come....Can you say dynasty?
7. If Manziel is not great then the salary cap hit is minimal compared to Sam Bradford.
8. The likelihood of the Rams getting another shot at a top 5 draft pick in the next 4-5 years is low...This may be Rams last chance ( for a long time) to draft to draft top tier QB....Can you say mediocrity?
9. Rams wide receivers are encouraged to extend the play and block better.....Why? When asked about the advantage of having a running QB, 49er and Seahawk receivers have said, " We run scrabbling drills in practice...We are constantly busting move after move to get open, find empty space, because we know if were open, my running QB will find me.....It increase our awareness." 49er and Seahawk receivers practice running routes, then switching to downfield blocking mode.....And it show when compared to Ram's receiver blocking.
10. Manziel constantly looks for the BIG play!...Sometimes Manzie will and pump fake at a receiver 8 yards downfield, even if the receiver is wide open, instead he will throw long to an open receiver for a TD.
11. Manziel's instincts are thru the ROOF! ...You can't teach instincts like that. 12 Manziel is loved by his teammates.... Manziel will is the type of guy , who will interact well with his teammates.....Have a beer...Manziel's personality is a cross between Kenny Stabler and Brett Farve.
13. Manziel is a born leader! ...Coaches, teammates, and scouts think so.
14. Defensive coordinators will have to employ special defense to stop Manziel's running ability...Such as a linebacker spy....This of course weakens the defense somewhere else.
15. Manziel is a threat to run for first downs and TD's.
16. Manziel is deadly dangerous in the RED ZONE.
17. From Manziel's freshmen to sophomore year, he improved his passing footwork...He also opted to extend passing plays more often then take off running.....What does that mean? ...It means that Manziel learns fast (very fast), and he is coachable!
18. Manziel is smart...Manziel won't have to get his head knocked off a dozen times by strong safeties and linebackers to know he shouldn't look to run first and pass second...
19. Manziel didn't rape, pillage, or steal! ...His badboy image is overblown....The camera is constantly on him.... Manziel knew he would only have a year and a half of college fun...What's wrong with a few beers with the guys, pretty girls, and fun?
20. Manziel plays big in big games and he is a clutch player....He scorched Alabama twice...Johnny's two game boxscore against Alabama looks like this...52-67...7 TD passes...2 interceptions....717 yards....10.7 Yds/A (Remember Bradford's 6.44)....192 yards rushing!
21. Manziel has good touch....Look at that video again....Sam Bradford still has problems with touch. Manziel can throw a bullet when he needs to, yet he demonstrates a soft touch up close.
22. If Rams draft Manziel to groom behind Bradford and Bradford gets injured...Manziel gives Rams chance to make the playoffs.
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