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So, I've set back the last few days and watched as some of the people on this site have gone pretty bat shit crazy over the state of the Rams at this particular moment in time. The Rams are staring at a losing record of 1-3 and 4 games in we've already seen some of the fans in this fanbase resort back to it's old ways and quite frankly, it's quite annoying. It's like every year that things start to look bad in the opening season, this fanbase has a propensity to just quit on it's team and say "Oh well, what do the draft picks look like?" or "Oh well, better luck next year, we suck.". Yes, it is your job to be realistic as a fan, but this is not realism. This is basing your future expectations from a few bad games in a season to a past of failures. This is not logical, you're overreacting, plain and simple and I will tell you why.



Lets start with the Sam Bradford bandwagon jumpers who after 1 bad game, are already saying that he needs to be traded and we need to draft a quarterback high in next years draft. There are two main reasons why this logic is flawed beyond belief and those reasons are:

1. Sam Bradford has played like a top 10 Quarterback so far

2. Why would you want to start over when you're building something around him?

People like to point out Bradford's flaws, but what they neglect to tell you is he's played like a top 10 QB in multiple categories. Sam Bradford as of right now is tied for 4th in the NFL in the Touchdown category with 7 touchdowns, with the only Quarterbacks ahead of him right now are Peyton Manning(16), Philip Rivers(11), and a bunch of quarterbacks tied at 8 touchdowns (I expect Brees to be up there by the end of the night). When it comes to total yards, he is currently 9th in the NFL and I expect him to be 10th by the end of the night with Brees also passing him in that category. He is 8th in the NFL when it comes to plays going above 40 yards and top 15 when it comes to yards per game. Sam has his faults and there is no doubt about it, but to say he needs to be replaced after one bad game isn't logical nor is it smart, you're being reactionary and that's not a good way to run a team nor think about football. It makes even less sense when these same people were bloviating just weeks ago about how great he was and how good he looked. Now not only are you overreacting, but you're flip flopping. Pick a side and stay with it.

Now, for you people who say we should draft another quarterback, are you crazy?! Why would you throw another bright young strong armed quarterback into the dysfunctional organization that is known as St. Louis, anyone got any answers for that? Why not continue to build around Sam? What is with this generations of people that want it now instead of sitting back and seeing something being built? You all like to point out Andrew Luck, RGII and even Cam Newton on other occasions, but what you neglect to see is these players have stability and their offenses were tailored around their abilities and talents. Sam's offense was his first year, but then the OC left. Second year was just a plain disaster with McDaniels and his third year when the offense was tailored around him he made strides again. You cannot blame the instability of the organization or the failures of the coaching staff to put sufficient talent around Sam on Sam, it's not logical or progressive in any way. Quite simply, you're overreacting.

Next, it comes to you people who are calling for Schottenheimer's head, you're overreacting as well. It is only 4 games into the season and you're already ready to fire someone. Let me repeat myself, IT'S ONLY 4 GAMES INTO THE SEASON, RELAX. The first 4 or so games are there for teams and players to adapt to the fast pace of the game and adapt. Some people say that's supposed to be for the preseason, but you don't see players going all out in the preseason unless their battling for a roster spot. Now, we have to see exactly what Schottenheimer will do now that he knows he has to adapt and change up the game plan, because his plan so far isn't working. If he doesn't get some get right, then you fire him at the END OF THE SEASON, not right in the middle. That sends the wrong message to the players and fans. Stop overreacting and save that for if we're still talking about this subject towards the end of the season. History doesn't bold well for Shotty, but that's why there's a future.

Lastly, I would like to repeat something from a bit earlier and I'd like to stress this, it is only 4 games into the season folks, the season is not over! I'm tired of seeing people say it is, how do you call yourself a fan with an attitude like this? Maybe I'm just too optimistic, but do you want to bring people into a fandom when it's depressing as hell when something starts to go bad early?

My point of this whole post is to say quite simple, calm down people. The season isn't over and it's not even near it. So, what are all of you people going to say if this teams starts winning games back to back and gets a winning record? "Oh, I saw this coming from a mile away. I was just playing when I was blasting the fuck out of this team". With fans like that, who needs enemies.... right?

Here you go, cheer up (Had to share this, entirely too funny to be mad afterwards)...

(subtitled) Voicemail Accident Hilarious (via elliptical3)

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