Lamb Chops: This IS an Entertaining Season



Good Morning!

Today is an exciting day. There is no game for the Rams to not show up for. I was watching that Thursday night game with a friend, and at one point he looks at me and says, "At least it can't get any worse." My response to him:

"You obviously haven't watched enough Rams' football."

What happens on the next play? Sam Bradford is hit in the backfield and fumbles. 49ers recover. Good times.

I've been reading a lot of comments about how angry and upset everyone is about this team. And I have to agree. There are some trying to calm the fans down, telling everyone to be patient and that our expectations were probably too high. I completely understand those lines of thought, but I expect every year for this team to be competitive in games. Those are not unreasonablely high expectations. Was the hype about the Rams warranted from the off-season? Probably not, but for those of us watching the team the past 10+ years; I am pretty sure we didn't have our hopes too high. We just wanted a competitive team with a competent coaching staff, which I guess is too much to ask for.

So after 2 games of thoroughly getting their asses kicked in all phases, including coaching, Jeff Fisher says this on Friday (I'm pretty sure it was Friday):

"We're going to have to, as we've already started, kind of adjust our offensive philosophy to, I think, what's probably better suited for us right now. And that's to hand it off, and everything else spins off of that."

Via Jeff Fisher

Yes. That makes perfect sense. You built the team around your quarterback so now you are going to do what ever you can to take the ball out of his hands. You are going to stop your high flying passing attack attempts and concentrate on what you do best. Run the ball. Get behind those large, strong, fierce offensive lineman and pound the opposition. After watching 4 weeks of Rams' football, this is the solution.

Just remember the NFL is all about entertainment. And yes, the Rams are entertaining. How bad can you continually be over multiple seasons and coaching staffs? How many times will Jeff Fisher say the key is the run game without addressing any other part of the teams failures? How many out routes for Tavon Austin will be called? Will Jared Cook ever be used properly or block properly? When will Tim Walton realize he is the defensive coordinator? Is the team playing poorly because they aren't paid enough? Is the coaching staff coaching poorly because they aren't paid enough? Does Courtland Finnegan play football full time or is this just his hobby?

All of these questions and more will be answered over the course of this season and that is definitely exciting. It is something to look forward to!

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