On expectations and the season thus far

Oh, where to begin. The offense, the defense, the special teams, the coaches? Or maybe the penalties, injuries and overpaid contracts? Les Snead's hair? I'm gonna start with some players on the offensive side of the ball, for no reason other than I feel like it.

Sam Bradford: The talk of the town and everybody's favorite topic here on TST. Expectations were high for you coming into the season maybe higher than any one player on the roster. And why not? Last year you put up the best statistical season of your young career and for the first time in your career, didn't spend the offseason learning a playbook. Your offensive looked to be the best you've experienced and had the most talented, albeit youngest and undeveloped, receiving corps you've ever commanded. There's not much left to say on how your season has gone so far and i'm sure everyone is as sick of hearing all the arguments for and against you as I am, so I leave the reader with this thought: we could lose every game left this year and I wouldn't blame you. You could slowly become involved in conversations including the likes of Josh Freeman, Mark Sanchez and Brandon Weeden and all I could really do is feel sorry for what this organization did to such a great talent. If we draft another QB in this year's draft, I would back this QB 100% but i'd still be rooting for you wherever you land, and wherever you land will surely be better than here.

Daryl Richardson/ Isaiah Pead: Daryl, I'm not sure I can even say how disappointed I am in you. When you were named starter, we all knew you were a very limited back but that didn't deter us from assuming it was the right choice. You looked great backing up a legend, but then, you were backing up a legend. You're currently averaging a measly 2.7 ypc and while, yes, your blocking has been atrocious and done you no favors, it's hard not to think about what the man behind you on the depth chart could do in the same situation. Which brings me to you, Isaiah Pead. I don't like you. I don't like the way you dance around in the backfield. I don't like that you seem utterly incapable of holding onto the ball while being tackled. But i'll be damned if you aren't the most talented running back we have on the roster and I think you deserve a shot at starting in 10 days.

Chris Givens: I'm a big fan of you Chris, I really, truly am. It was very unrealistic of us to think you could reach 1,000 yards in your second season and more unrealistic that you could be a #1 receiver in the same year. You probably won't accomplish either of those things this year and i'm okay with that. I'm not okay with your current statline however. What happened to all the talk of your improved short and intermediate routes? For that matter, where is the deep ball? Step it up Chris.

Everyone on the Oline: Just screw all you guys.

Cortland Finnegan: What happened to you man? Talk about days gone by. The only thing you can cover is your face on the bench.

Linebackers not named Laurinaitis( or Ogletree): When can we resign Dunbar?

James Laurinaitis: I've been pretty pleased by your play so far actually. Are you overpaid? Yes, but not as much as the next guy right now. Keep up the good work.

Chris Long: Rolling ball of butcher knives my left foot. I wanted to criticize some of your play so far but I couldn't find any.

Robert Quinn: You da man.

Michael Brockers: I'll hold off judgement for now but you better get going too.

Overall, i'd place most of the team's early season struggles but even when the play call was right, the execution isn't and vice versa. Jeff Fisher, you are the guy to take this team to the next level so act like it wouldya? Before the season I struggled with think that with how long you've been in the NFL, you wouldn't be able to or be too stubborn to adapt and adjust to how fast the NFL is evolving. I brushed these thoughts aside when you released Steven Jackson, moving away from the feature back system you've been notorious for throughout your coaching career and taking a more modern run by committee approach. I was wrong about that on so many levels with your refusal to run the no huddle and by attempting to use Richardson as a feature back anyway. And then there's Brian Schottenheimer who I don't even want to get into.

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