A new angle for the time-honored TST Bradford debate?

Preface # 1: I really like Sam Bradford. I would LOVE to see what he could do behind San Fran's line, with Seattle's running game, and Atlanta's receivers. I believe he would fluorish there, but then again, any good QB should. I defend Sam quite a bit, and I don't necessarily think we should can him, so please don't think this is another poster stating that we need to dump our starting QB right now.

Preface # 2: I don't have a comprehensive understanding of NFL football's nuances, though I'm wondering if it's ever possible to have one.

Look, I'll keep this short (Edit: This DIDN'T end up being short). The Bradford debate is getting redundant to me. Not because it isn't a healthy and imperative conversation for our team's fanbase to have at times like this, but because I can honestly understand where each side is coming from and I believe there is merit on both sides. I believe sam lacks the leadership of a guy like Peyton to where he can disregard the team's deficiencies and make things happen like an all-pro. I also believe he is better than our team's record indicates and if he played for the team that just whooped us on Thursday, I believe he would thrive, and maybe even outperform a struggling Kaepernick.

What struck me about the San Fran game, and for that matter the Dallas game is that we are clearly hurting for talent at positions that we knew we needed help at, as well as some that we maybe didn't. We NEED multiple better O-linemen and a true RB1. We need an upper echelon safety, and depending on what happens with with Finnegan and Tru, we could use another CB opposite JJ (or at least competent depth).

So with so many holes on this team and young guys, some of which will pan out and some of which will not (as is to be expected), we still have a long way to go building this team and heaps of draft day priorities (and hopefully not as many big FA signings, as I believe they typically do more harm than good)

So far I haven't told you anything you haven't heard already. What I'm getting at is this: If we can't realistically fix our team in one offseason what about the idea of drafting a mobile QB in the mold of Russell Wilson? The reason I say this is because our offensive line will not be fixed by next season. My proof for this? We brought in the very top left tackle and while I think it was a good move, what's been the difference on game day? Sam has been pummeled the last 2 games. In the first two games, Sam escaped sacks by tossing short quick passes and escaping pressure, not necessarily great play from the line. This is to say nothing of the total lack of push in the run game. So even if we were able to convince Fisher to somehow take OL with a top 10 pick (Matthews anyone??), the line troubles don't just disappear, especially since any rookie drafted has to adjust to the NFL. Knowing this, I think a running QB would make alot of sense, because he'd be able to capitalize on situations where Sam is at his weakest: making plays when everyone else on offense has failed and the play is in shambles. Or a guy like ( just putting it out there) Manziel, who can complete passes once the routes have been broken.

I'm not necessarily saying we need to do this, I just hadn't seen this particular angle taken in the debate and I'm very curious what the community at-large here has to say. This is also my first actual fanpost, so I apologize if it's utter crap.

The last thing I wanted to say is that the recent fighting here between writers and commenters and between commenters and commenters makes me sad. We've got alot of Rams fans here who bleed blue and gold. Unfortunately we've just all been bleeding a bit too much together, and man does it hurt. If I could wish for one thing on TST it would be for all of us to admit that the other people who come here to post are all intelligent Rams fans who all care. Aside from a few really obvious (and comically brilliant) trolls, everyone here has a right to their opinion. Rarely is there a cut and dry right decision for this team. I love you guys. Ram on.

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