An Open Letter to Jeff Fisher

Dear Coach Fisher,

First let me congratulate you and your staff on instilling some serious hope into us Rams fans. That is not an easy task after so much bitter disappointment in recent years. The off seasons moves, especially the RGIII trade, really got our pulse back to detectable levels. Only the most unrealistic of us expected a Super Bowl this season, but Coach.....we did not expect to get embarrassed, especially at home against the hated Whiners.

I am the sort of guy who likes to point out problems, whether at work or at play. However, I also hubristically like to think that I offer real solutions, instead of just complaining. With that in mind, I humbly submit my observations and potential corrections. I do hope you find these ideas of worth.

The Running Game.

Wow......seriously underwhelming. I do understand your commitment to the run game and how possessing a run game is vital to success on the field. It keeps our defense on the bench, thus allowing them to rest and come out swinging when they are needed. Conversely, of course, it has the opposite effect on the opponents defense. Forcing them to honor the run also allows, Sam and Co. a better chance of making completions/yards/scores through the air. Here is the problem.......Daryl Richardson is not, Erik Dickerson, Marshall Faulk or even StevenfuckingJackson. In short....there is no running game. 19 carries for 18 yards? Beyond ugly. On a technical note, why does Richarson stop, every single time, just as he hits the line of scrimmage? On at least one occaision last night vs. the Whiners, his hole was clearly closed and it was understandable, that he needed to make a cut and find another hole. But every single time? Running backs are always taught to hit the line of scrimmage at full speed and even if there is a defender there, lower your head and pick up a yard or two. Two yards and a cloud of dust is far better than stop, hesitate and get dropped for a loss.

THERE IS NO RUNNING GAME. Forget it this year and pick up a quality back in the off season, whether free-agency or the draft. Yes, that will make us dependent on the pass and thus one dimensional and predictable. What choice do we have?

The Passing Game

Sam and his new weapons are impressive. All three of Sam's INT's so far this year have been tipped, thus the argument could be made that he has not thrown a single interception in four games (He definitely got away with one last night though!). In the Atlanta game, we marched quickly and superbly down the field three times, totaling 21 points. Unleash these guys. Do that in the first half and force the other guys to catch up for a change. They will be the ones with no run game and become predictable. Who knows? Maybe with a big lead, even Richardson will get some yardage in the second half......maybe.

The Defense

Despite the 35 points, our defense actually showed signs of life vs the Whiners. I saw three-and-outs, a beautifully stripped ball, passes defended......they just seemed to crack at the wrong time......i.e. that 4th-and-inches.....ouch. The aggressiveness was a nice change though and keeping that up just may pay off in the future, especially if the offense gets unchained and starts racking up points.

Like I say, no one really expected a Lombari trophy, but 9-7 with a chance at a playoff berth would be cool. Speaking only for myself, we could lose all the rest of our games and I would be ok with that, so long as we at least make them competitive. For inspiration, I recommend watching the 1979 Super Bowl....Rams vs. Steelers. If these current Rams, play like that, they and you will have my eternal respect.

Ok, so those are my thoughts. I hope you find them useful and naturally, I would be more than willing to sit down and discuss my ideas further. I am pretty busy these days, but have your people call mine and we can get this done.



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