Get rid of Sam Bradford?

I didn't get to see the game, except for the first quarter. Left for school thinking things were good, comeback to see it was a disaster of the first order. I read all the comments, and while before it used to be about getting rid of our coaches, some even saying Fisher should go, it seems now we need to get rid of our QB, and on the double. Some said trade him for a first, others say he won't even get us a first.

I have noticed, Rams fans, like Arsenal fans, are quick to get fired up about things. Arsenal fans were ready to riot and boycott all games since Arsenal didn't buy anyone, but suddenly, we get one of the better players in the game, and everyone acts like Arsenal manager is an angel.Similarly, Rams fans judge a lot of things way to quickly, me included. After Sam's rookie season, we thought he would be one of the best by now. We thought McDanials would push us to offensive supremacy. We thought Fisher wold have us a playoff team by now, or at least near it. We thought Tavon Austin would be the best rookie ever, along with future HOF linebacker, Alec Ogletree. We thought Jared Cook would be getting 100 yards a game, every game. We thought Jake Long would regain his form, never get injured, and somehow make a perfect offensive line. We thought losing Rodger Saffold was no big deal. And we continued to think so, after a game against the Cardinals that showed us what we wanted to see. However, three games later, all these thoughts are gone, and people have gone to the polar opposite. Jake Long, Jared Cook suck. Sam Bradford should be traded to the Browns to rot. Fisher is on the way to the ledge, Tim Walton has no clue what he is doing, and has company in Brian Schottenheimer.

First of all, it has been four games. And this is far from the worst we have seen. Fisher is an experienced coach, anyone saying we should sack him, needs to calm down. Schotty and Walton have had bad times, yes. Both are not very experienced however, and if they were good enough to reach the level they are at, I don't think we have the right to tell them what to do. I feel we should wait, and see how things go. At the end of the season, if things still don't improve, by all means, get them out, find someone else. It it has been only FOUR games. At least wait till the Bye to make decisions.

Next, on to the players. A lot of people around here feel that Daryl Richardson is a great running back, and that he got 16 yards on 12 carries has nothing to do with him. Yes, while there are a lot of factors, such as the defense, the O-line etc, in the end, the ball is in the running back's hands. My main gripe with Richardson has always been is that he will get you what the other players open for him, nothing less, but nothing more either. He won't make a brilliant cut to run away, or truck 5 guys. People expect him to just take over Steven's role, but these people should understand now how hard Steven's role was, and to expect an undrafted 2nd year guy to produce as well is just too optimistic. Richardson can become our feature back, but right now, he isn't helping this offense, and the other backs need to get their chance. Also, if Sam isn't allowed excuses, then neither is any other player on this team, including Richardson.

The O-line has been the single most worst thing I have ever seen on a Rams team. These guys can't open up hole consistently, and they can't pass block either, and since invariably we end up chasing, it ends up a big mess. I have seen 3 rushers make it to Sam more times then I should.

Now, to the man in the title, Sam Bradford. I am going to admit right away, I like Sam, and like to support him, but I will try to put that away right now, and be unbiased. I have mentioned how this offensive line is getting worse and worse, I mean, I saw our supposed best player on the line, Jake Long, get pushed on to his butt more then once against the Cowboys. But lets assume the O-line is blocking, the wide receivers are catching, and there is an actual running game. Now, since we have a limited sample size, lets take the Cardinal game as an example.

The Cardinals have a good secondary and a good defensive line. Not the best ever, but formidable opponents none the less. Against them, Sam had these stats

299 yards, 71.1 Completion % average pass of 7.9 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT.

The 1 INT was a tipped pass, that fell into the hands of the D-lineman. Now, lets assume that it is not the offensive lines fault for allowing the D-lineman to either get to the the QB, or put their hands up in the air. I would say I blame Sam for not throwing it high enough/ having a high release.

Against the Falcons, he had a nearly flawless game, except for a low completion % at 58% and the 1 INT, which was completely Sam's fault for throwing to his one and only open guy, right into his hands, causing the ball to slip out, right into Osi hands.

Against the Cowboys, he had a miserable game, and I say this with no sarcasm. He couldn't/didn't throw it deep, he only dumped the ball of, and didn't make any stand out plays.

Against the 49ers, I can't judge, as I couldn't watch the game. But from all accounts, he had a terrible game, as did the whole team. His INT I think was just a very, very good play by Whitner. The ball was near perfection for Brian Quick, and just got tipped, and Whitner stayed with the ball and caught it while diving. They say football is a game of inches, but that was a matter of centimeters.

But a bad game is a bad game. S if we have to get rid of Bradford, why not get rid of the O-line which gave up 11 sacks in two games. And the defense which gave 30 yards and a TD to Frank Gore, untouched, on 4th and inches. Or maybe get rid of the secondary, who allowed Vernon Davis to be wide open, even though 3 guys were in the area. Don't even ask me how. Maybe we should get rid of the WRs, like Givens, who did all of nothing. Or what about getting rid of Cortland Finnegan who did nothing except let Boldin have a field day against him. Actually, I may not be kidding about that last part.

I am an optimist, and like to see the silver lining, and here, its difficult to find one. But i I like how Sam seemed pissed off at something during a play, even though it was only 7-3. If it was the play call, or maybe he missed a wide open guy, we will probably never know. Chris Long was "disgusted" at what happened that day. Also, you could see the 49ers wanted the win more, and they got it. They wanted to beat us more then we wanted to beat them. Hopefully the team will take this and learn, and against the Jaguars, make a comprehensive win.

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