tl;dr Schotty is ruining everything.. Even my marriage!

loljk I don't talk to girls

As a fan, I can say that i am thoroughly unhappy with my teams performance. Why?

Allow me to break that shit down

The offense highly under-performed

It was very hard for me not to turn the tv off, nothing was going right for us.. Be it, the play calling, the blocking, maybe even the refs.. But nothing was worse than the run game..

The run game

19 rushes for 18 yards? Now as a man myself I can't hate Jeff Fishers pride, but at some point in this game, maybe 10 rushes in, you've gotta stop ignoring reality and acknowledge the run game is not working. Therefore you stop.. At least until the passing game starts picking up, then maybe try sneaking one or two in there, ya feel me?


The coaches take the blame by default, this goes especially true for Schottenheimer..

Schotty has always been a running kind of coordinator This is really the first year he has zeroed in on the pass and by golly he sucks.

Bro you have Tavon Austin, a speedy Drich, and great run blocker in Lance Kendricks.. Start pulling some crazy shit out such as maaaybe having all three in the backfield with Bradford and create chaos pulling off nasty play actions and option passes.. Seriously.. I dont even coach, but damnit I have an imagination.

A lot of people would put the blame on Bradford for this game such as I did after watching the contest, but to be honest.. Sam actually played relatively well considering the circumstances, dont believe me? Lets look at it...

Sam was 19/41 202 passing yards 1 touchdown 1 interception

Right off the bat, it reminds you of a Josh Freeman type game.. A closer look tells you that the 49ers had 10 pass deflections. There's 10 potential caught passes. Also, Tavon got the 3rd/4th most looks tonight with 8 and caught only two.. Quite a few of those targets were catchable passes..

What caught my eye through out the game, were the constant reads Sam had.. I've never seen him do such a thing before... Some were good reads, some were bad.. But the fact that he is finally taking the time before the snap to try and digest what the defense is gonna throw at him. I see this as a plus.. Don't get it mistaken though, Sam was far from perfect tonight.. 2 pass that should have been touchdowns, a few over thrown passes, the niners also had quite a few interceptions dropped...Being pressured will do that to you, I guess, but you gotta step it up.


I was actually quite impressed with our defense in the first 3 quarters (fuhgetabout the rush D) they played hard and with fire.. The only reason the score is so inflated is because Cortland Finnegan gave up the first touchdown, and got smoked by Boldin to set up a Frank Gore touchdown. That third touchdown? Came after T.J. McDonald got hurt, the niners attacked Giordano with Davis. Can't give too much credit...

So came the 4th quarter and every Ram in sight hated being on the field, embarassed and pissed.. So they gave up...

and that's all she wrote


Great games by Givens, Laurientis, Ogletree, and Truuuu Johnson

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