My Pessimistic Predictions - TNF

Hello fellow discouraged Rams fans.

So I just got back from my honeymoon and as difficult as it was, I actually got to watch the first two games while in Europe (I watched the Falcons game at the lobby of Best Western at their "Business Center" in Paris - almost got away with watching the whole game!).

The Cardinals game made me nervous, but our comeback was reassuring. So much so that I even had a bit of hope that we'd come away with that W against the Falcons. I got really excited when we started closing the gap in the 4th quarter, but then the defense gave up one too many big plays and all hope was lost.

So far, including the abysmal Dallas game, it has been pretty discouraging. I've read and heard all the excuses for far... youngest team, improper game planning, bad play calling, not making adjustments, etc.

Who knows what it really is. The coaches are saying the team is not 'executing,' and the fans and the pundits are saying the coaches aren't properly game planning/making necessary adjustments, and even terrible play calling. I don't care what it is, I just want it fixed, damn it!

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening - simply because it's the Rams and we've been in this cycle of mediocrity for far too long. So, with that, I'd like to take a shot at making some predictions about this upcoming game.

Kaepernick, after having a terrible last couple games, will finally get back to his formal swag by running and passing all over the Rams (70+ yards rushing, 160+ yards passing, and at least one passing TD). Why? Because it's the Rams, of course! This football team is the team that other teams/players use to boost their own lacking confidence. We are known for giving nobodies and struggling players their opportunities to regain their swagger.

As far as I know, Vernon Davis will not be playing. So keeping with this theme, Vance McDonald (rookie tight end) will have his rookie breakout game!

Frank Gore, after publicly stating he was upset with Harbaugh with limiting his carries last game, will get his usual carries and will run all over our defense (100+ yards) and 2 TDs.

Defensively, I don't see much changing. We'll give up at least 4 TD's due to the vanilla style and our CB's playing 10 yards off their man. YOU GET A FIRST DOWN, YOU GET A FIRST DOWN, YOU GET A FIRST DOWN. EVERYBODY GETS FIRST DOWNS!!!

Let's hope I'm wrong. God I hope I'm wrong! It's one thing losing terribly to teams like the Cowboys, but I don't think I can handle the Rams getting manhandled by the 49ers.

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