My takeaways from the game, and how I think we did.

The bad:

  • Our offensive line was horrible. Three sacks were on third down, and another was on second and one. Those just kill an offense. Also, there was one on our only scoring drive, but we were able to score anyway thanks to that 15 yard roughing the passer call. The last sack was during a nice (wasted) scoring opportunity. That was BAD.
  • The defense gave Murray too much room.
  • Witherspoon gave Escobar that TD. That was pathetic.
  • The offense was out of sync for the most part. It wasn't Sam, it was mostly the o-line and the receivers. Dallas's D played well though
  • The ref's calls were pathetic. The Dez touchdown was clearly a pushoff. Two of Murray's big runs had clear illegal blocking. This was disheartening.
  • The defense as a whole didn't work together.
  • Even when Bradford had time, he dumped it off. Into coverage. I HATE this.
  • We got out-coached.
  • The Rams got burned on big TD plays from no-namers twice. If that wouldn't have happened, the game would have been much closer.
  • Going for it on fourth and 20 with 8:25 left in the 4th and the Rams were down 31-7 inside field goal range..... why?? I don't get it. We aren't going to convert unless something weird happens, and a field goal would be just as good as a touchdown here anyways. I hated this.
  • Drops plagued this team. It's almost like at times we were trying to drop the pass.

The good:

  • That TD pass to Pettis was great. It was a tight window, and Bradford got it in there.
  • Pead stunk mostly, but he had some nice runs. If he has more of those, he could pan out.
  • Bradford played nicely for the most part, as usual.
  • Because I can't watch Rams games live, and only recently bought NFL Game Rewind for the Rams, I could only take your guys's word for it that Bradford's play action was bad. I don't see it. His play action fooled me a few times.
  • For the most part, the Rams played hard until the end.

But really, what I have taken away from this game more than anything is how you guys reacted. I saw a lot of bad things written about this game. Yes, we played horrible, but every team has their bad weeks. Just look around our division. The 49ers are better than how they preformed against the Colts (although they might not play better with the loss of Aldon Smith) and I believe that the Cardinals are better than a 7-31 defeat at New Orleans, even with how good the Saints are at home. I get that we were all pissed after the game, but I can see why some of the other fan bases call us fair-weather fans. We can't handle this. Just because we lost in this fashion doesn't mean we'll have a top-10 draft pick in April or that our post-season hopes are completely gone. While I wouldn't have liked to start 1-2 either, we are better than 1-2. Hopefully we are on our A-game against the niners, or at least our B- game. Sometimes, the best thing for a team is for them to get blown out. Just look at how much we improved after the New England loss last season. We turned around to tie the Niners. While we lost to the jets the next week, we would then win three in a row. So just because we dropped this one doesn't mean we can give up yet. If we lose week 5 against Jacksonville, then maybe we can give up (lol) but not yet.
Sorry about this rant, but it had to be said in my humble opinion.
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