My horribly inaccurate predictions for the upcoming season.

It's always fun to look back and laugh at how bad I am at this:

Anyway, I like to use a pretty simple scale; from most likely win to least likely win:

Certain Win

Likely Win


Likely Loss

Certain Loss

Arizona: Likely win.

They'll be better than last year, but I think we a fired up home crowd we'll come out strong and win, like we should

@Atlanta: Certain Loss

The Falcons are going to be really, really good this year. I have a hard time seeing us competing in this game, let alone winning.

@Dallas: Toss-up (lean: loss)

Dallas is a mediocre team that will probably finish around .500 again. I don't think the Rams are any better, though. It'll be a close game, and I think being at home will put the Cowboys ahead.

San Fransisco: Toss-up

We had their number last year, and the crowd will be going nuts for this primetime game. Like last year's games, this one will come down to the wire.

Jacksonville: Likely win

The Jaguars suck. Contain Jones-Drew, and we should be fine. Hard to see them getting any sort of offense going against us.

@Houston: Likely loss

Similar situation to the Atlanta game. It would take a perfect game to win this one.

@Carolina: Toss-up (lean: win)

Carolina will be solid, but for some reason they just don't seem too scary to me. If we play our game (aggressive on defense, steady play on offense), we should be fine.

Seattle: Toss-up (lean: win)

The tuna (get it, the chickens of the sea?) are going to be coming to the Ed on Monday Night Football. Biggest home game of the year. We'll need to lean on the defense to win this game, but I think we can get it done.

Tennessee: Likely win

They just don't seem to have much teeth this year. Of course, this is sandwiched in between two big opponents, so the team's gotta focus extra hard.

@Indianapolis: Toss-up (lean: loss)

I don't know if Indy will be as good as last year, but they'll still be competing for the playoffs. It's a tough matchup.

Chicago: Toss-up

I have no idea what to expect out of Chicago. Yes, there's a new coach, but this is a team that has been consistently good the last few years.

@San Fransisco: Toss-up (lean: loss)

This would be a likely loss, but Fisher seems to have their number. Plus, the addition of Craig Dahl is gonna prevent them from improving too much over last year. But if Kaepernick gets better and is playing at a high level in this game, I doubt we win.

@Arizona: Toss-up (lean: win)
Once again, they'll be better, but not good still. Should have a win here if we play at least decently.

New Orleans: Toss-up (lean: win)

We've played the Saints pretty well the last couple times in the Dome, and while I expect them to back to playoff level football, I like our chances here.

Tampa Bay: Likely win

Honestly, I don't know much about the Bucs, but we handled them well last year and I expect the team to be ready for the final (regular season) home game.

@Seattle: Likely loss

Until a Rams team can prove that it can go up there and win, I just can't see it. But if anyone can, it's this year's team. I expect Seattle to not be as great as everyone's predicting, but it'll be a real challenge still. Also, can we play Seattle at home on the last weekend just once, NFL?

Realistic best-case scenario: Jared Cook becomes the pass-catcher people think he is, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey transition well to the NFL, the running game is effective even without the superstar, Bradford stays healthy, and the defense performs up to expectations. 11-5 record, 2nd place in NFC West, wild card berth.

Realistic worst-case scenario: The offense struggles to replace Amendola and Steven Jackson, the offensive line suffers more injury woes, and defensive issues at safety and outside linebacker keep them from doing as well as we'd hoped. 4-12, 4th place in NFC West, no playoffs.

Most realistic scenario: The offense struggles to replace Amendola and Jackson, but still has its moments. Austin and Bailey show flashes, Brian Quick is better, and Pead and Richardson combine to at least keep the running game effective. The defense is stout against the run, and though it lets up a few too many big plays, it does a nice job clamping down overall. 8-8, 3rd place in NFC West, no playoffs.

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