Rams 10 - Browns 20: 2nd Half Open Thread

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

You can't read too much into the preseason. Let's read too much into the preseason.


Everybody, just breathe.

It's the first game of the preseason. We all know this is a glorified practice. This tells us little about the team in the regular season. They've got more than a week to improve on the first half and a full month to prep for the regular season opener against the Cardinals in the Ed.

So let's just breathe. Good? Ok.

Plain Pain

- Rodger Saffold's injury. It's a left shoulder injury, so we'll have to wait on the tests to see how serious.

Room to Improve

- For someone who's trying to outplay a week one suspension, RB Isaiah Pead's first-touch fumble was...not helpful.

- Alec Ogletree looked like a rookie in his first NFL preseason game. Tape study this week will be, and I'm trying not to overstate things, important.

- The WRs had three drops on passes that hit them in the hands. Daryl Richardson dropped one early, Austin Pettis palmed away a diving attempt and Tavon Austin's debut consisted of a pressure-influenced drop.

- The first drive saw the Browns convert their first three 3rd down opportunities. They got in an offensive groove that they sustained throughout the 1st half.

- You're not supposed to give up 91-yard punt returns. Ever. Credit to Travis Benjamin, but that met our season quota.

- Greg Little won a jump ball on a tipped ball when Jordan Cameron mishandled a Brandon Weeden rocket straight up into the air. The defense, young though they are, should have known to play the man on a tipped pass and not the ball.


- Sam looked very good. He read the field well, and hit his receivers in stride even when he knew it meant he had to take a hit. The touchdown was a great example of him sticking in the pocket and scanning the field to wait for an open man. Speaking of...

- Chris Givens made the case that his rookie year was anything but a fluke and more of an opening chapter. A 59-yard grab preceded his TD reception. Yay.

- Aside from the Saffold injury, the offensive line looked pretty solid against a solid front seven. Room to improve, but not a bad showing IMO for a unit that will make some offensive lines look bad this season.

- The run defense looked pretty spectacular. Brandon Jackson had an 11-yard run. Dion Lewis had a nine-yard scamper. Take those out? Totaling 11 rushes for just 16 yards, less than 1.5 per run.

- Greg Zuerlein can kick footballs far.

If I missed anything, let's put it in the comments.

It's time for roster-trimming auditions. Let's keep a shred of perspective as we go into the first week of post-game analysis.

Damnit football, I missed you. Never leave me again.

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