Random Ramsdom: Rams v. Browns, Power Rankings, & NFL Preseason News

Matt Sullivan

The bad news is that you’ll have to wait another four weeks to watch regular season football. The good news is that tonight you’ll get to see the suited-up St. Louis Rams play football against the Cleveland Browns. So there’s that…

AP Pro32 Preaseason Power Ranking: Associated Press

Power Rankings are "important" (cough-cough...), and therefore I present to you the AP Pro32’s initial take on the 2013 season. You’re going to find two NFC West teams atop the list, with the Redskins somewhere in the middle, and the Rams…well…click the link. Bob Glauber is on the panel. He’s got his own power rankings on Newsday. It’s an improvement from last week…where he had the Rams at 25, and the Cardinals at 22.

Trent Richardson a No-Go In The Rams First Preseason Game: NFL.com

The Browns’ running back won’t play in Thursday’s preseason matchup between the Rams and Browns. Many speculate that he’s simply playing it safe, trying to avoid injury and stay fresh in anticipation of a large workload in the upcoming season. I just think he’s scared…

Look Out…Patrick Peterson Is Lining Up at Wide Receiver: CBS Sports

Cardinals’ QB Carson Palmer says it would be something that opposing teams would have to plan for. Coach Bruce Arians thinks that he could be one of the top five receivers in the entirety of the NFL. He’s certainly a threat in the secondary, but do the Rams need to worry about defending Patrick Peterson in the Rams’ Home Opener?

Former Rams Feel Welcome In Rams’ Park: ESPN

It’s relatively well known that the Rams are the youngest team in the NFL. That being the case, the players can only benefit from having former players helping out during the offseason. Their advice/mentorship cannot be understated. Legendary Rams’ WRs Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt aren’t the only former players helping out at Rams’ Park. Coach Fisher has welcomed several players from Super Bowl XXXIV.

Jeff Fisher’s Approach To the Preseason: ESPN

It won’t be much longer until the Rams make their first wave of cuts. Thursday night’s matchup against the Browns is an opportunity for several of the Rams non-starters to make an impression on the coaching staff. Fisher gives a bit of insight on what he expects to see from his team, and how he intends on calling the plays.

Upon Further Review with Brian Burwell [VIDEO]: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Chris Givens doesn’t want to be the forgotten man amongst the bevy of new Rams’ toys. He talks about how Torry Holt has helped him this offseason, his goals for this season and beyond, and how he plans on "dominating" on Sundays.

Top 12 Receiving Tandems in the NFL: Football Nation

The Rams are a team oft-described as "loaded with talent." While turning potential into production is the hard part, it’s quite possible the Rams’ offense makes huge strides this season as a result of their aerial attack. Could any combination of Chris Givens-Austin Pettis-Brian Quick-Jared Cook-Tavon Austin-Stedman Bailey provide the Rams one of the top receiving duo’s in the league?

Key NFL Roster Battles To Monitor In The Preseason: SB Nation

There are certainly more than a couple to monitor if you’re a Rams fan, but SB Nation’s Matt Verderame thinks one particular battle should be monitored most closely. He’s got his eye on the RB’s. Is that the position battle you’re most interested in monitoring?

Eight Must-Win Games For the Rams in 2013: Ramblin’ Fan

Now, to be fair, it’s probably too early to state that any game is a "must win." Hell, I did it a few months ago, so I suppose I don’t have a leg to stand on. It’s certainly entertaining to pick the games you feel the Rams shouldn’t lose. Here’s a take from Ramblin’ Fan

Tuesday’s Takes On the Rams Practice: Rams 101

Brent Lancaster - writer for Rams 101 and friend of Turf Show Times - was at the Rams practice on Tuesday. He provides us with some first hand insight on what he saw at practice, and hands out a few gold stars for standout performances.

A 2013 Preseason Preview of the Rams: Rant Sports

Need a re-brief on the Rams heading into their first preseason game of 2013? It’s certainly been an exciting offseason, filled with acquisitions of both players and staff. Here’s what you [may] already know, and what you might want to look for throughout the remainder of the preseason.

Vontaze Burfict Gets a Piggy Back Ride From a Former Rams’ RB: NFL.com

Bengals’ LB Vontaze Burfict caused a bit of a stir at the team’s joint practice with the Atlanta Falcons. Burfict apparently jumped on Steven Jackson’s back, leading to a bit of a scrum between the two players. Interestingly enough, Bengals’ Head Coach Marvin Lewis chewed out Burfict for his over-aggression…stating he would’ve gone Hacksaw Jim Duggan on him.

Rising and Falling Stocks Through Training Camp: Bleacher Report

Jamal Collier provides his thoughts on who’s hot and who’s not after two weeks of training camp. During his visits to camp, he’s been impressed by some…and less than thrilled with others. What really matters is what happens on the field on [and after] September 8th. Do any of his observations concern/surprise you?

…here’s to an enjoyable Thursday evening of Rams football, littered with exciting plays, promising talent, and complete devoid of…the “i” word. Cheers, Rams Nation!

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