Hell Yes Rams Fans!

Hell Yes Rams Fans!

Finally proof that The Stache is a sneaky division winning bastard!

I stumbled on to an article at PFT who apparently have hired guards monitoring every click. So when I tried to copy it to TST a bunch of alarm bells went off in Douglas M’s head. His Yugo even started honking which is strange since the horn quit years ago after a huge Cheetos’s related incident.

It seems that Billy Beer tabs and Cheetos can form goo that could plug up Sarah Palins pie hole!

Anyway back to the news we’ve been speculating about ever since the first pre-season game.

According to an article at PFT, "Fisher told Jim Rome that the versatile Austin will do all kinds of things in the Rams’ offense this season, but there’s no way the Rams are going to give opposing defensive coordinators a look at those things before the games count."

The Stache went on to say, "We have a pretty good idea but we haven’t shown it yet," Fisher said. "He’s not had a lot of production in the preseason, only because it makes sense to hold those types of things for the regular season. He did get his hands on a couple punts," Fisher said. "You can kind of see the type of ability he has with the ball in his hands."

So there you have it and we were right! Fisher is hiding all the insane plans to let the Trans-Am (TA) run wild on the field.

So this also answers the question I’ve been asking myself, "What the hell is Stedman Bailey doing?" I’m starting to think Bailey is more of a weapon being kept under the tarp than Austin.

Is Austin the bait, to draw coverage away from Bailey and Cook? And if you don’t cover him then he’s gone for a TD faster than a fart in the wind.

It must be more frustrating for Schotty than us. It’s like having a brand new Corvette in your garage but you can’t drive it until opening day!

After seeing TA run away from defenders on that punt return pushing Ogletree along the way you have to imagine what he can do from the RB position. He’s fast enough to turn the corner and accelerate away like shit through a goose!

I think it’s going to be an interesting season my fellow Rams!

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