Top 12 Rams Rookies

12. Darren Woodard

Coming off a nice interception in Denver, can he push for a roster spot. Game 4 will likely decide that.

11. Gerald Rivers

Rivers really showed what he can do against the packers. Sacking the QB and constantly putting pressure last week has given rivers a chance and maybe a good shot of making the final roster, and I think he definitely makes the practice squad. With how good the D line is, adding Rivers will only make it better. You can never have enough good defensive linemen.

10. Cody Davis

The need at safety is so high right now and Davis is the guy right now that I could see being a starter by seasons end. At this point I think Davis is all from being a lock to make the team.

9. Zac Stacy

Stacy fell to 9 basically just because he hasn't played too much due to injury. I think he has a very good chance to make a run at the number 2 running back mainly because he and richardson are different runners. That said if Pead plays well the last two games, Stacy should be a good rookie number 3.

8.Ray Ray Armstrong

WOW! Armstrong has really surprised this preseason, especially after the position change. Seeing the big hits and solid play (albeit against 2nd and 3rd string) really has me excited for what he can do. If Witherspoon cant hold down the starting spot, expect Armstrong to get a close look.

7.Benny Cunningham

So far Cunningham is having a great preseason. Though his run average isn't there Cunningham has showed his skill and is really shining out on the field. A great rookie pickup for the rams.

6.Barrett Jones

After coming late to training camp, Jones has put together a good few weeks and is getting into the groove. Hopefully he can get into the O-line mix, especially if there is an injury on the line.

5.Brandon McGee

After the draft McGee was just an afterthought, but he has really thrived. His play is better than expected and he has even got into a small battle for 3rd corner. I'd like to see what he can do in regular season game action.

4.Stedman Bailey

Can't really make too many assumptions about Bailey to this point, he has played with the second string and hasn't had great chances to show his stuff. With the second team though he has really been solid and has run some great routes.

3. TJ McDonald

After the game at Cleveland, there were many doubts surrounding McDonald, but he has gotten better and better each game. HE is a hard hitter and once he gets consistent play in the regular season, I think we will see him play more comfortably.

2.Alec Ogletree

After an underwhelming first two games, Ogletree absolutely broke out against Denver. If he can play as well at Denver or at least in some degree, Ogletree will have been the best defensive player taken in the draft.

1. Tavon Austin

Who else would be at number 1. This guy is absolutely electric. Punt returns, long passes, jukes, and pure speed make Tavon Austin the most explosive player on the team. I still would like to see him line up in the backfield, but I feel that Jeff Fisher is saving that for the regular season. Finally with a receiver as gifted as Austin, the rams have enough firepower to at least scare some opposing defenses.

Let me know what you think and what's your top 12.

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