Who's hot and Who's not, from the Green bay Game.

I was lucky enough to be gifted with tickets for the Greenbay game. They were pretty good tickets too, I was able to get a pretty up close look at the game. I saw things that were both promising and disheartening. Things that many of you here at TST see.

Without further ado, my HOT and NOT list for preseason game 2.

Who's NOT

Second String O-Line

Don't complain about Kellen Clemens. He had to run for his life almost the entire night. the second string O-line gave up pressure all the time, failed to open holes, and gave up more than a few sacks. I hope and pray that we do not lose a starter on the line. If I single out a person on the second string O-Line it would be Chris Williams. He was pushed around. He just got himself manhandled and shoved into Clemens for one sack. It was bad. Where is the magic this year from our O-Line coach???

S Rodney McCloud.

All I read about is, "Oh My Gosh McCloud could start", "wow McCloud is looking sharp". All I saw in the Edward Jones Dome was a poor tackler who whiffed quite a few times and seemed lost on the outside of the ball area. He looked lost, unlike another safety who I will get too in the HOT part. A starter? I would wonder if this guy is going to make the team. Stat line be damned.

LB Alec Ogletree.

This guy keeps trying to arm tackle and wrestle guys to the ground. He is an athlete but he likes to follow the play instead of attack it. I was really disappointed with his play. He should be looking over his shoulder, because there's someone behind him who is on fire.

WR Justin Veltung. This guy dropped a long pass beautifully thrown by Clemens that could have been turned into a touchdown. Tsk Tsk.

Who's Hot

WR Justin Veltung.

This guy can return punts. He had a beautiful long return up the right sidelines and on the other return he made 8 yards appear from trash. He picked up 8 yards where Austin Pettis would have gotten Zero. If he can catch he might actually be worth something on this team.

LB Ray Ray Armstrong.

This guy is the real deal. Ray Ray is the reason that Alec Ogletree should be looking over his back. Ray Ray made some hard hits, some good wrap up tackles, and attacked the running back in the hole. This guy made plays that made us stand up and cheer. Fan favorite? Check. Starting OLB??? That's up to Ogletree.

Now for the guy who impressed me the most.

S Cody Davis.

After watching Darien Stewart and Rodney McCloud and pretty much every DB not named Cortland Finnegan whiff on tackles left and right. It was energizing to see Cody Davis lay the wood. This guy made 3 stops around the line of Scrimmage FROM HIS SAFETY SPOT. I would watch him the entire play, he would predict where the ball was going and shoot the gap. Another play I'm not sure if he made the tackle but I saw him shoot into the chaos and create the pile that stopped the GB running back dead. His coverage was normal. It was his tackling that made me love this guy. He wraps up and takes down. Perfect form. He doesn't try and strip the ball like McCloud who lets the guy run 10 more yards while trying to poke the ball free. This guy is better than Stewart, this guy is better than McCloud. Depending on what T.J. McDonald has to show from himself Cody Davis could be the best safety on our team, and if he isn't, he is most certainly the best tackler among the defensive backs.

That's that. That is the hot and not that stood out to me in the Rams game. Im excited for the new year. A year that, if it started today, should have Ray Ray and Cody Davis starting over higher profile players.

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